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If you’ve followed me for long you might know I have a bit of a key fob obsession. I love whipping up wristlet key fobs for gifts, the seasons or to use up some of my scrap stash. This of course leaves me with a regular stockpile of key fob hardware – enter the Lip Balm Holder using a key fob too.

In this tutorial I’m using my August Fruit Toss fabrics that are part of the Monthly Placemat Program I designed for Riley Blake Designs.


00:00 introduction
00:47 Supplies
01:23 Fuse Interfacing
02:35 Fold & Trim fabric

03:55 Sew lip balm holder
05:49 Sew folded edge
06:12 Make lip balm pocket
07:36 Attach the key fob hardware

Lip Balm Holder - supplies



Recently I was digging through my purse trying to find my ever-elusive lip balm realized it was time to make my life easier AND use my key fob hardware for more than just keychains.

Enter the Key Fob Lip Balm Holder. This handy holder sews up as quickly as the key fobs and will now be added to my arsenal of quick sewing projects for gifts. They are also great things to sew and sell.

Enough about why I decided it was time for this tutorial, let’s get into it!

  • All sewing is done with 1/4″ seam allowance.
  • FUSE the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, following manufacturers instructions.
  • FOLD in half, right sides together, matching short ends.
  • PLACE the folded end on your cutting mat and center it over a 1″ grid area. (figure 1)
  • MARK ¼″ to each side of the 1″ grid and ¾″ down on each side.
  • DRAW a line connecting the marks on each side and trim the corners.
  • SEW down the angle and long sides, leaving the bottom open. (figure 2)
  • TURN right side out & press.
  • ZIG ZAG STITCH the raw edges together.
  • If your fabric is directional, place it on your workspace so the angled end is away from you and the icons on the fabric are the correct way (not upside down). (figure 3)
how to trim the top for diy lip balm holder
figure 1
sew fabrics together for diy lip balm holder
figure 2
the right and wrong way to fold your lip balm holder if you use directional fabric
figure 3
  • FOLD the zig zag stitched end up 1″ and press.
  • SEW ¼″ from the folded end. (figure 4)
  • FOLD up 2 1/2″ towards the angled top of the holder and clip or pin in place. (figure5)
  • The Zig zag stitched area should now be hidden. Sew all the way around the holder, ⅛″ from the edges, going back and forth twice where the folded edge meets the back of the holder to reinforce the opening. (figure. 6)
  • ATTACH 1″ key fob hardware. (figure 7)
sew the pocket edge
figure 4
clipping lip balm holder
figure 5
sewing the pocket for the lip balm
figure 6
putting key fob hardware on holder
figure 7

With this Lip Balm Holder, you can keep your favorite lip balm within reach at all times while also having the convenience of a key ring.

This is a great project to showcase your creativity and make thoughtful gifts for family and friends.


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💄 Tara Reed

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