It’s Easier Than You Think: Learn How to Sew a Water Bottle Holder

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If you’re heading out with a water bottle whether it’s on a walk around the neighborhood, a camping trip or scenic hike, why not go in style and sew water bottle holder?

I saw a few tutorials on Pinterest and got excited – then I clicked the link and saw they used a round bottom and I groaned.

water bottle holder tutorial featuring Tara Reed fabric for Riley Blake Designs
water bottle holder cutting diagram

I love quick and easy projects and sewing not one but two small circles, figuring out the exact size that will line up well for the side, clipping the curves… it’s sends me straight to the couch in search of my remote!

BUT I figured out the EASIEST WAY to make a water bottle carrier with no curves or clipping! I’ll show you how to figure out the size you need for your favorite water bottle using a box bottom. 😎

In this tutorial I’m using my August Fruit Toss fabrics that are part of the Monthly Placemat Program I designed for Riley Blake Designs.

measure your water bottle to sew the perfect size carrier
measure to determine the height of your water bottle holder

supplies to sew a water bottle carrier
  • (2) outer fabric
  • (2) lining fabric
  • 2 1/2″ strips (x desired strap length) for straps
  • 1 1/2″ strips of fusible fleece – same length as the straps (Pellon 987F)


00:00 introduction
01:16 Determine the size
02:49 Supplies
03:21 Determine length of straps
04:52 Fuse fleece to lining
06:38 Iron Clip Loop
07:38 Cut box bottoms
08:57 Add optional tag
09:28 Clip or Pin fabrics
10:18 Sew

11:50 Sew strap pieces together
13:06 Form straps with fleece
16:27 Sew straps
17:18 Assemble the water bottle holder
19:44 Add the clasp
20:37 Sew together
20:57 Turn right side out
21:24 Close the turning opening
22:07 Topstitch to finish

I love having the clip on the holder so I can attach my key fob keychain and/or lip balm holder too! 


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🧵 Tara Reed

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2 responses to “It’s Easier Than You Think: Learn How to Sew a Water Bottle Holder”

  1. I love this idea and have been following the video intently to make this. However, this is my first bag sewing project and I see in your example the bottom is sewn but it is not shown in the video. I will go and find some box-bottom sewing examples because mine had raw corners showing and I was almost done before taking it all apart to fix it. I wish the video showed that part of the construction!

    1. Of course the video I make a mistake in goes viral – See how the box bottoms are done in my wine bag tutorial 👉🏻 you will use the same method. Apparently I’m human and edited out sewing the box bottom 🙄 it should have been done at 10:18 before moving on to the straps. After you sew the 3 sides, you then match the seams and the sides of the cut-out for the bottom and sew with 1/4″ seam. You can see it sewn at 17:21.

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