If you think you know what to expect from Tara Reed Designs... think again!

After losing her father to a long battle with Alzheimer's in 2016, Tara Reed decided she wanted to expand creatively and change how she does business.  2017 marks the year of reinvention!

Brand New Style!

While Tara is still painting with watercolors, you will find the styles and techniques to be unexpectedly different from what she has created over the past 14 years. (In a very good way!)

Brand New Way of Doing Business!

Tara is thrilled to have partnered with Roaring Brook Licensing to represent her in the art licensing industry.

​Now focused solely on creating art it's a win for everyone from manufacturers to consumers!

Tara Reed Designs provides high quality art to manufacturers and retailers for use on consumer products.

Her consumer base leads a casual lifestyle and likes products that reflect their personal preferences.

They are inquisitive, goal oriented and positive-minded.

They purchase to make a statement – about who they are, how they see the world and how they want others to see them.

They choose products for the design: the colors, words and images that “feel like them”.

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