FREE TUTORIAL: How to Sew Key Fobs

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Sew Your Own Key Fobs

Key Fobs are quick and easy to make and a great way to use fabric scraps (as long as you keep some key fob hardware on hand!) They make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends and family.

Since you can sew them up in about 10 minutes they are a great way to make some extra money by selling them at craft fairs or online!

How to sew your own key fobs
figure 1 (note: I used 1″ key fobs for this tutorial)


00:00 How to Sew a Key Fob

00:29 Common Key Fob Sizes

01:17 Supplies

02:16 Using 2 Fabric Strips

02:51 Using 1 Fabric

04:41 Attaching the Key Fob Hardware


figure 2

CUT fabric based on the chart above (figure 1)

  • For Key Fobs with the same fabric on the inside and outside, you will cut one piece of fabric, 3 ½” x desired length. (figure 2a)
  • For Key Fobs with different fabric on the inside and outside, you will cut two pieces of coordinating fabric – each 2” x desired length. (figure 2b)
    • PLACE the two fabrics right sides together and sew down one long side with a ¼” seam. PRESS seam open.

CUT fusible fleece (I used Pellon 987F) based on the chart above (figure 1)

  • PLACE the fabric on your ironing board, wrong side up.
  • CENTER the fusible fleece and iron-on following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • FOLD the fabric over along the edges of fusible fleece and iron in place. (figure 3)
  • FOLD in half and iron. (figure 4) PIN or CLIP together.
How to sew your own key fobs
figure 3
How to sew your own key fobs
figure 4


  • SEW around all four sides, 1/8” from the edges and then down the center for extra stability (figure 5)
  • FOLD in half, matching the short, raw edges, and sew together, . from the edge.
  • TRIM any loose threads or uneven fabric at the end. (figure 6)
How to sew your own key fobs
figure 5
How to sew your own key fobs
figure 6


While you can attach key fob hardware with needle nose pliers (which are more common to have around the house) I HIGHLY recommend you buy a set of clamps that includes the key fob pliers with it. They are the perfect size and come with the rubber tips so you won’t dent or knick the metal. If you do want to save a few dollars and use needle nose pliers be sure to put fabric over the metal before squeezing it shut.

These directions assume you are using the Key Fob Pliers sized to match your hardware.

  • PLACE the raw edge of the fabric evenly in the key fob clamp. Trim any loose threads that might stick out.
  • SQUEEZE the clamp securely to hold the fabric in place. (You can remove the key ring or leave it on for this step as long as you make sure it doesn’t get in the way of the pliers and clamp.)
    • After trying a few ways I found it easier to put the pliers on the clamp from the side and squeeze a little (figure 7).
  • Next, put the pliers straight from the end to cover and close the entire clamp. (figure 8) (If you leave the key ring on, make sure it is out of the way before squeezing.)
  • Check both sides of the clamp to make sure it is closed well so your fabric doesn’t come loose.
figure 7
How to sew your own key fobs
figure 8


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4 responses to “FREE TUTORIAL: How to Sew Key Fobs”

  1. Christine Savinelli Avatar
    Christine Savinelli

    Was wondering what size you would cut your fabric if you used 1.25″ key fobs you already purchased & where you got your fusible webbing as well

    1. I used 1″ key fobs and 2″ wide of each fabric – so if you have 1.25″ key fobs you would use 2.5″ wide of each fabric (basically twice as wide as your key fob). The fusible webbing (I used fusible fleece – Pelon 987F – which I bought at Joann Fabric) would also be 2.5″ wide.

  2. Alexis Wilson Avatar
    Alexis Wilson

    What size needle do you use? I tried it with a size 12 needle and it breaks everytime. Thinking maybe 14 or 16?

    1. hmm… I just use a universal needle 14/90. I’ll cross my fingers for you!

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