Dog Bone Christmas Stocking Pattern for your four legged friend

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steps in sewing a Christmas Stocking for a dog


Use this Dog Christmas Stocking Pattern to make small and large dog bone  Christmas Stockings to hang by the fireplace for Santa or use as gift bags for pets you love. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a dog bone Christmas Stocking!

🐶 👉🏻 You can get the small template for free here – measuring in at a finished size of 5″ x 8½” it’s perfect for dog treats, a small toy, bone or more.

🎄 👉🏻 The small AND full size template – and an ad-free, printer friendly version of these instructions – can be found in my Etsy Shop.


  • Lining Fabric: 1/2 yard
  • Outside Fabric
    • 1/2 yard if non-directional or solid
    • 5/8 yard if directional
  • Ribbon for Hanger or
  • Dog Collar for Hanger (optional – I got mine at the Dollar Tree)


Get both the small and full size templates and an ad-free, printable PDF pattern, you can find it in my Etsy Shop >

Read all directions before beginning.
¼” seam allowances and a small stitch length are used throughout. I use between a 1.8 and 2.0 stitch length to give a better curve when turned and pressed.
RST = Right Sides Together


00:00 introduction
00:26 Supplies
01:08 Tips for working with directional fabric
01:20 Set up the stocking template
03:08 Mark top section to leave open
03:24 My secret time saver
03:40 Sew outside of stocking
04:14 Cut and sew lining
04:52 Clip curves with pinking shears

05:54 Put 2 halves together
07:13 Types of stocking hangers
07:40 Use a dog collar for the hanger
10:17 Clip top edges together and sew
10:37 Check dog collar hanger is correct
11:16 Clip top edge curves
11:58 Turn right side out
12:39 Put lining inside main fabric
13:08 Finishing the stocking


You will need 2 dog bone shapes for the outside and 2 for the lining of this Dog Christmas Stocking.

For the small stocking, cut out the free template, pin to fabrics and cut.

For the larger stocking, you will create the template by printing the two template pieces and taping them together. The template is designed to be placed on a fold (fig 1) – pay attention to the direction of your fabric if you’re using directional fabric. If you prefer a full size template, simply print each template piece twice and tape a full bone shape together.

My time saving tip for cutting (fig 2): In the video I show you how I cut one of each of the lining and outer fabrics and then pin and sew them to rectangular fabric instead of cutting all 4 pieces to size. (Watch it at 3 mins 24 seconds in the video above) Since you will have to cut all the curves I find this method to be a time saver, but of course it’s up to you!

NOTE: The images in this post are from the small stocking so aside from fig. 2, all the bones are cut out – even before clipping the curves.

pin template to fold of fabric
figure 1
alternate method to sew Dog Bone Christmas Stocking pieces together
figure 2


  • Whether you cut all 4 pieces of fabric before sewing or use my cut one / pin onto a rectangle method, be sure to mark where to start and stop sewing the top edge using the lines on the template.
  • For the outside fabric, RST, sew all the way around between the 2 marks.
  • For the lining, RST, sew all the way around between the 2 marks but also leave a few inches open on a straight side for turning.
how to sew outside and inside pieces of Dog Bone Christmas Stocking
figure 3


  • My hands-down favorite way to clip curves is to use pinking shears and in particular, the Fiskars Easy Action Pinking Shears. They are are faster way to ease the fabric on all the curves on this Christmas Stocking and the way you squeeze them is ergonomic and easier on your thumbs than using traditional scissors. We have to protect our hands where we can!
  • Whether you have your fabrics cut or you sewed one shape onto a rectangle it’s time to clip those curves so you get a nice shape when you turn them right side out. (fig. 4)
  • When I sewed the shape onto a rectangle I used a combination of straight scissors (on the straight sides and the un-sewn top curve) and pinking shears on the sewn curves. (fig. 5)
clip curves with pinking shears for DIY christmas stocking for a dog
figure 4
clip curves with pinking shears
figure 5


  • Turn the outside fabrics right side out and place inside the lining, so the right sides are together, matching the side seams and top curves. (fig. 6)
clip lining and outside fabrics together
figure 6


For the small stocking, use a 3-4″ piece of ribbon for the hanger. (fig. 7) Fold in half, tuck in between the outside and lining fabrics on a side, matching the raw edges. Clip in place and sew into the stocking when you sew the top curves in the next step.

Dog Collar Hanger for the large Christmas Stocking

I wanted to add a bit of fun to the big stocking so I got a dog collar at the Dollar Tree and used it for the stocking hanger.

  • Place the collar on your stocking and decide how long you want it to be. (fig. 8) Think about where you will hang it – does it need to fit over a door knob, a drawer handle or a small hook? Those factors will determine how long to make it.
  • Leave the D-ring on the clip side of the collar so you won’t have to sew anything on that half.
  • Cut to size, remembering to add ¼ – ½” for the seam allowance and CAREFULLY melt the cut ends of the nylon with a lighter. (fig. 9) This will prevent fraying and allow you to sew them without folding the ends over to protect the raw edges.
small modern Dog Bone Christmas Stocking
figure 7
decide dog collar length for Christmas Stocking hanger
figure 8
melt nylon with a flame to stop fraying
figure 9
  • On the clip side, make sure the nylon webbing is through the clip then fold towards the back and sew in place. (fig. 10)
  • Place one half in between the lining and the outside fabric and the top / side of a curve, matching the raw edges. Be sure the hook or clip is curved towards the lining so it will be facing the right way when the stocking is done. (fig. 11)
  • Place the other piece on the opposite side in the same way. Make sure you have both pieces at the same spot on the curve. (fig. 12)
sew dog collar end for Christmas Stocking hanger
figure 10
how to place dog collar ends for Christmas Stocking hanger
figure 11
line up dog collar ends for Christmas Stocking hanger
figure 12


With your hanger of choice in place, sew all the way around the top curves with a ¼” seam. (fig. 13)


  • Check the dog collar hanger: if you used a dog collar for a hanger, check to make sure you put it in correctly before clipping the curves.
    • Pull the top section out through the opening in the side of the lining and test. (fig. 14)
    • Make sure the collar clips together without having to twist one side and that the front will be showing when finished.
    • If anything is incorrect, simply use your seam ripper to put it right before moving on to clip the curves.
  • Clip the curves with pinking shears or regular fabric scissors. (fig. 15)
turn right side out
figure 13
put lining fabric inside outer fabric - diy Dog Christmas Stocking
figure 14
2 sizes of Dog Bone Christmas Stockings
figure 15

There are lots of ways to dress up a dog stocking once you get the hang of the basics.

  • You can add the dog’s name on a tag, with heat transfer vinyl, machine or hand embroider it or use a fabric pen.
  • Add trim like pom pots, rick rack or other trim.
  • Add bells, holly, bows and more.
  • What will you add? Share your ideas in the comments.

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🎄🐾 Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a beginner, this tutorial is designed for all skill levels. 🐾🎄


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