How to Sew a Zipper Bag and Wristlet – Barbie Girl Fabric

How to Sew a Zipper Bag and Wristlet – Barbie Girl Fabric

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zipper bag with wristlet in front of balloons - tutorial features Barbie fabric, licensed by Riley Blake Designs

If you live in a barbie™ world you will want to sew this zipper bag!

If you think the world is covered in hot pink, you aren’t crazy! The Barbie™ Movie has taken the world by storm – it’s everywhere! As an artist in licensing for almost 20 years it’s been fascinating to watch just how well Mattel® marketed the movie and set up licensing partners for products – including Barbie™ Girl Fabric, licensed to Riley Blake Designs, the same company I license my art to. The day the movie came out EVERYONE was all in on pink!

I thought it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon and do a sewing tutorial with some Barbie™ Girl Fabric. I got the Barbie™ Girl toss in hot pink and the Barbie™ Girl Shoes on White to use for this easy zipper bag with removable wristlet.


how to make a zipper bag and wristlet - tutorial features Barbie fabric, licensed by Riley Blake Designs


00:00 introduction
00:28 Supplies
00:48 How to use directional fabric
01:19 Why to use a zipper that is bigger than your project
02:06 Attach first half of the zipper
05:00 Sew the first zipper half
05:53 Attach second half of the zipper
07:54 Sew the second half of the zipper
08:06 Prepare wristlet and bag loop fabric
09:29 How to use a Tailor’s Clapper for great folds
10:27 Sew Wristlet fabric
12:06 Clip bag sides together
13:18 Cut excess zipper
14:00 How to make a boxed bottom
14:57 Sew sides of the bag
16:15 Sew box bottom
16:36 Turn right side out and finish
16:55 Ideas for use

things to sew for a sleepover - Barbie zipper bag

wouldn’t this be a cute sleepover party favor?

If you are looking for ideas for a sleepover, look no further! This bag is the perfect size to use as a favor bag. Add a sleep mask (learn to make them here), a scrunchie, brush, candy, nail polish and more to make a sleepover that much more fun.

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