Video Tutorial: How to Make a Microwave Bowl Cozy

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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Microwave Bowl Cozy

Bowl cozies are THE BEST!Β Not only do they protect your hands and furniture but they double as built-in potholders when used with hot food.

Quick and easy to sew, bowl cozies make great gifts and are also a way to add seasonal fun to your home. They take up little space so why not make them for the holidays, season, special occasions and more?


45 secs – materials used
2:25 – sewing the first set of darts
3:44 – sewing the second set of darts

5:16 – clipping the pieces together
7:00 – sewing the bowl cozy

We use bowl cozies almost daily in our house and they are a favorite gift among friends and family. They are built in potholders for the microwave and work equally as well with a cold bowl of ice cream.

I like to keep a few on hand for those unexpected times I need a gift or want to thank someone for an extra kindness.


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🧡 Tara Reed

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14 responses to “Video Tutorial: How to Make a Microwave Bowl Cozy”

  1. Thanks , I am sure you are a teacher , that was great 😊

    1. Tara Reed Avatar

      Why thank you! My dad was a teacher so maybe I got it by osmosis πŸ˜‰

  2. Kathy Miller Avatar
    Kathy Miller

    Tara- I can’t wait to make these- did you prewash the cotton material?? Thank you!

    1. Tara Reed Avatar

      I would pre-wash since you will likely need to wash these and don’t want them to shrink later!

  3. Carol Winger Avatar
    Carol Winger

    Did you prewash and dry your batting before making the bowl cozy?

  4. carol barker Avatar
    carol barker

    looking forward to get this pattern My daughter wants me to make them for her. thanks for offering the free pattern

    1. Tara Reed Avatar

      You are very welcome – enjoy!

  5. Mary Jane Avatar

    Where can you buy the material you used in how to make a soup bowl cozy? Your Bee collection material looks like it want be out until March, 2022.

    1. Hi Mary Jane – unfortunately the Bee’s Life Fabric I used in the video came out in October 2020. You might be able to find it online but it is currently out of print. Google “Bee’s Life Tara Reed” or “Bee’s Life Riley Blake Designs” if you really want that fabric.

      1. Mary Jane Avatar

        Thank you so much Tara!

  6. Nancy Beaman Avatar
    Nancy Beaman

    I made several of the cozies. Your pattern and instructions are great. All my friends love them. I have a question. If I want to make these for coffee mugs to keep my tea and coffee warm, what adjustments would I need to make. I can figure out how much I need for the bottom of the cup, but what would I need to do to adjust the darts. Thank you for your assistance.

    1. That’s a great idea but I’m not sure what to tell you. I would recommend cutting pieces on paper then fold and tape different dart options to see what works best for you. The other issue that could come up is the wide variety of handles that are on coffee mugs and teacups – I think that’s why most people do the kind of cozy that wraps around the mug but doesn’t include the bottom. Let me know if you give it a shot – would love to see a photo!

  7. The fist step says to place one of the batting on the fabric. Hat side of the fabric do you put it on? The right or wrong side. Or does it matter. I can’t get the video to upload to watch it

    1. You put the batting on the wrong sides of the fabric so it ends up sandwiched in the middle when you sew the cozy together. Have fun!

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