The day my son turned 22 is today!  August, 31, 2015.  It seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago that he was born. I had an idea of what motherhood would be like and no idea at the the same time. We've been through some adventures that's for sure!

A few things my son has done in the past 22 years…

  • learned to crawl, walk and run
  • learned to talk, yell, pout and negotiate
  • learned to ride a bike, recover from a fall, ski, skateboard and drive
  • learned to read, write, report a stolen bike to the police, travel half way around the world by himself and how to fix a broken toilet handle
  • made me smile, made me cry, made me proud and made me shake my head
  • gained 142 lbs and grown 50 inches (that's 4'2″)

In the same time, I have…

  • gotten divorced, dated and remarried
  • learned to decorate cakes, quilt, scrapbook and how to use Photoshop
  • started a business, started and sold another and started yet another
  • bought and sold 9 houses, moved 8 times and remodeled two fixer-uppers
  • learned how to be a mom to a son and I now believe it's a lot more nature vs. nurture
  • built a ton of Legos, listened to a lot of guitar and been to the ER twice (I think that's pretty good for 22 years – and we each only passed out once!)
  • learned how to parent a teen, how to be ok with that teen's friends being afraid of me, and how to let said teen become the amazing, independent young man he is today
  • I haven't grown taller but I've certainly grown as a person – and we won't talk about the weight gains and losses and re-gains, and re-losses…

Together we have…

  • hung out, grown up and experienced a lot of life
  • read books, watched movies and shared many adventures
  • traveled to England, Germany, Hawaii and New York
  • laughed, cried and pushed each others buttons 
  • survived his childhood – ok, that's being dramatic, he was a pleasure to raise, most days
  • supported each other, consoled each other and had some deep discussions on life

This year he will graduate from college.  Some would say my job as a mother will be done but I think it will just change, he'll always be my baby no matter how big, tall or old he gets. I can't wait to see what comes next!

A very proud, sappy and sentimental mom –

– Tara Reed

Kyle turns 22 - Augusst 2015

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