Transfer Tape Alternatives for Small Adhesive Vinyl Projects

Transfer Tape Alternatives for Small Adhesive Vinyl Projects

Transfer Tape Alternatives for Small or Intricate Adhesive Vinyl Projects

​If you’ve ever struggled with traditional transfer tape being a bit too sticky for your adhesive vinyl projects you make with your Cricut, Silhouette or other cutting machine – you are not alone!


I seem to have the biggest issues when I’m working on the smallest projects. I feel like “Goldilocks and the transfer tape” – this is too sticky, this isn’t working either…

small adhesive vinyl text on remote controls

When I first got my machine I thought it must be me – I must be doing something wrong because this is the product I’m supposed to use – it’s MADE for this! But more recently I discovered it wasn’t me (phew!) but that there is no one-size fits all way to get that vinyl to your project!

My Sticky Situation that Prompted Investigating Transfer Tape Alternatives

My husband and I disagree about how TV remote controls should be handled. He seems to hold it like it’s going to run away and ends up wearing off the finish – which I hate. When we got a new cable box, I BEGGED him to change his ways but he came up with an even better idea and went and got a second remote.

We decided to label the remotes and he is FORBIDDEN to touch mine! Adding the very small letters to the soft finish on the new remote proved to be more challenging than expected – but I was determined.

After battling the too sticky transfer tape I took to Google to see if there was an easier way. (HINT: there was)

Enter: Transfer Tape Options for those TOO STICKY Situations 

I did a quick video to show you a few other ways to move the adhesive vinyl from the backing paper to your project. You wouldn’t think these options would make a big difference but they do.


  • start – why I went searching for options other than traditional transfer tapes
  • 59 secs – the 3 options I tried and how they worked
  • 1:43 – traditional transfer tape
  • 3:06 – clear contact paper
  • 3:55 – lint roller paper 


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Happy Crafting!

Tara Reed