How to make a Santa Candy Dome with Cricut

How to make a Santa Candy Dome with Cricut

How to make a Santa Candy Dome with Cricut 

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Santa Candy Dome Paper Craft | Christmas projects with Cricut

Looking for something unique for a Christmas gift or party favor?

Maybe this year Santa gets a candy pack to go instead of or in addition to cookies. This paper cut Santa candy holder is so easy to make! 

Compatible with Cricut and other cutting machines this 8 layered design is approximately 6.6″ X 7.6″ – a txt file with assembly directions is included in the zip folder.


  • Fill it with candy, coins, small toys, gift certificates
  • Punch a hole in it and use it as an oversized gift tag
  • Christmas party favors
  • Make them for Santa to give out at an event
  • and more


  • Santa Candy Design Filesbuy on Design Bundlesbuy on Etsy
  • (2) 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces of white cardstock (layers 1, 2 & 5)
  • (1) 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of red cardstock (layer 3)
  • Scraps of Cardstock – gray, pink, black  – glitter cardstock can be substituted for any layers
  • 3.15” clear plastic fillable ornament (you need 1/2 of the ornament for each candy dome project)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tacky Glue
  • candy, small toys or whatever you want to put in the dome

How to make a Santa Candy Dome with Cricut

In this video you’ll see how easy these 🎅🏻 Santa Candy Domes for Christmas are to put together. You will also learn different ways to make them fancy.

Use  to give money or gift certificates, put them in a Christmas Gift Basket, make a special gift for a grandchild and more. Use for Christmas Party favors or a fun (big!) gift tag for a present.


00:00 How to make a Santa Candy Dome

00:40 Supplies

01:06 What to do if you use unwrapped treats

01:24 How to access the candy in the dome

03:20 Glue the Candy Dome

04:48 Putting the Santa Face together

12:30 Putting the face on the Candy Dome

14:16 Finished Santa Candy Domes

07:26 Buy the SVG files for Cricut

Fish Bowl Candy Dome with Cricut

The gift box candy dome is also great for Christmas AND can be used for lots of occasions depending on the paper you chose.

I am so in love with designing and making these!

🎅🏻 Tara Reed

See all the Candy Dome designs I have available on DesignBundles or Etsy


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