The Easy Way to Sew Bowl and Plate Cozies

The Easy Way to Sew Bowl and Plate Cozies

🎥 Video Tutorial: How to Sew Bowl and Plate Cozies with Pre-Cut Batting

I’m a big fan of quick, simple and useful projects to sew for the home, gifts and just because they are pretty. Today’s tutorial is all 3.

I was so excited that my western fabric – Ride the Range – came out from Riley Blake Designs when we are all glued to western dramas on tv.

If you’re going to mosey over to the couch with dinner or a snack to watch your favorite western, won’t it be that much better if you have a plate or bowl cozy with the same theme? Of course it will!

Tara Reed holding large bowl cozy

The wonderful people at The Gypsy Quilter gave me some of their pre-cut batting to try and I’m IN LOVE! Of course I COULD cut my own (they have a template for that!) but sometimes I just want to cut down on the steps so I can get done. I always have more ideas than I have time so a few shortcuts are helpful.

In this video you will learn how easy it is to sew Bowl and Plate Cozies with The Gypsy Quilter pre-cut batting.

I demonstrate a plate but the big bowl cozy works the same way.


  • 00:00 introduction
  • 01:48 Supplies
  • 02:46 Prepare fabric
  • 04:16 Sewing
  • 04:41 Sewing the darts
  • 05:58 Pin the two halves
  • 07:14 Sew together
  • 08:37 Press the plate cozy
  • 10:08 Topstitch
  • 10:29 Tip for stitching over darts
  • 12:05 Finished photos


I’ve had a microwave bowl cozy tutorial on my blog and YouTube channel for a while (where you cut your own batting) and the main question I get is about how to avoid breaking your needle. Those darts and corners get thick with 2 layers of batting and the fabric – especially when you get to topstitching.


We (or at least I) often don’t think about just how many times a sewing machine needle goes up and down through fabric with each project we make. It makes sense that it will get dull over time – making it work that much harder with each stitch.

You want a nice SHARP needle to get through the thick spots on any kind of cozy so always start out with a fresh one.

🐢 TIP 2: Go SLOW

 If you sew slower, you give the machine and needle a better chance at going straight up and down – through all the layers – and not bending and snapping.

🧵 TIP 3: Pivot at the Dart Seam

Stop and PIVOT at the dart seam. Trying to sew through the thickness at the darts when topstitching, and making a slight turn without stopping, is often a recipe for a broken needle. Stop with your needle down right at the dart seam. Lift the presser foot, slightly turn the fabric so you are lined up to go straight again.

But as Robert Burns wrote way back in 1785, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

That goes for sewists and needles too. Sometimes they just break – it happens to the best of us!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and give The Gypsy Quilter Pre-Cut Battings a try. If you do and post on social media, be sure to tag me – I love seeing the fabrics and combinations people use!

Happy Sewing!

🧵 Tara Reed

How to Sew a Crinkle Tag Toy for Baby

How to Sew a Crinkle Tag Toy for Baby

How to Sew a Crinkle Tag Toy for Baby

Crinkle Tag Toy made with Ride the Range fabric by Tara Reed for Riley Blake Designs

If you’ve spent much time around babies you know that those little fingers love to grab onto things – and they are quick! They also enjoy things that make noise. Combine both of those and you have a Crinkle Tag Toy.


Tag Toys are a great way to use up scrap fabric and ribbon and sew up quickly. You can make them with our without the “crinkle” layer.

Crinkle Tag Toy Supplies


  • (2) 6½” pieces of fabric
  • 3” pieces of ribbon
  • fabric clips or pins
  • cereal bag (washed & dried)
  • sewing machine
  • thread

If you want to add something to the middle that makes noise, you need to use “food grade plastic” and cereal bags fit the bill! Simply wash and dry them before use.

SAFETY NOTE: Don’t leave a baby unattended with anything plastic – so if you add the crinkle layers, be sure to be with baby when they are playing with it.

You can make these any size you want and with as many ribbon tabs as you’d like as well.

This one is a 6″ square (so I started with 6 1/2″ fabric and used a 1/4″ seam allowance.) I decided to go all-in on ribbons and added lots!

Keep it simple and use two squares of fabric or get fancier and use quilt blocks for added visual variety. You can also add texture by using different kinds of fabric.

Washer – Dryer – Iron Tested!

I put this through the test with some scraps of fabric and the crinkle layer. Washed in cold water. Put in the dryer on medium for about 15 minutes (it was still damp, then I air-dried it the rest of the way) and ironed quickly on the silk setting to get out big wrinkles. The cereal bag plastic held up well!

How to make a Crinkle Tag Toy

  • BASTE the ribbons to the right side of one of the squares so they don’t slide around later.
  • PUT the two fabrics right sides together so the ribbons are in the center.
  • ADD the optional crinkle layer on top.
  • CLIP and SEW together with 1/4″ seam, leaving space open to turn.
  • TURN right side out, tuck the open area under and topstitch all the way around the square to close the opening and finish the tag toy.

It’s that simple!

Watch the video below to see how easy they are to put together.

The fabrics used in this tutorial is from my Ride the Range fabric collection by Riley Blake Designs. Ask for them where you love to buy fabric. Happy Sewing!

👶🏻 Tara Reed

Free Western Quilt Pattern: 3 of a Kind

Free Western Quilt Pattern: 3 of a Kind


If you want to make a new quilt to snuggle up while watching your favorite western dramas on tv, this is for you!

This pattern uses the panel and prints from my Ride the Range fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs.

The finished quilt size is 67″ × 78″ and the pattern is FREE!

Free Western Quilt Pattern: Three of a Kind


(Riley Blake Designs fabric codes are in parentheses)

  • 1 Ride the Range: Three of a Kind Panel (PD12747)
  • 1⅓ yards Navy Main (C12740)
  • 1⅜ yards Chocolate Brush (C12744) includes binding
  • ¾ yard Cream Accessories (C12741)
  • ⅝ yard Cream Shades (C200-02)
  • ⅜ yard Navy Fence (C12743)
  • ⅜ yard Burnt Siena Paisley (C12742)

Ask for the fabrics at your favorite retailer that carries Riley Blake Designs. 

If you make this or anything else with my fabric and post it online – tag me so I can see it!  I love to see what people create.

🤠  Tara Reed

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Ride the Range Fabric Collection – Sneak Peek 2022

Ride the Range Fabric Collection – Sneak Peek 2022

Ride the Range Fabric Collection – coming in December 2022

Saddle up for a sneak peek of the Ride the Range – a new western themed quilting fabric line featuring hand painted watercolors by Tara Reed for Riley Blake Designs. Shipping to quilt shops and online quilt fabric retailers in December 2022.

You’ll be able to channel your inner cowgirl or cowboy quilter with any of the prints – available in 3 colorways – and panels included in this collection.


Watch the video below to see all prints, panels and how the art become a print for fabric. 

Ride the Range quilting fabric by Tara Reed
Ride the Range fabric by Tara Reed - rusts
Ride the Range - cowgirl painting by Tara Reed
Ride the Range fabric by Tara Reed - browns
Ride the Range fabric by Tara Reed
Ride the Range fabric by Tara Reed - blues.

The Inspiration for the Ride the Range Fabric Collection

In 2006 I went on a family trip to a dude ranch. My parents, my sister and her family, my brother and his wife and my son and I. We prepared for our adventure by buying cowboy hats, boots and any western gear that struck our fancy before heading into the hills of CA to see what adventures awaited us!

I quickly learned that the cowgirl life was not for me: apparently I’m allergic to horses and had a major allergy attack within hours of arriving!

I was able to participate in the camp fires, square dancing and of course making memories with my family. While they enjoyed the horseback adventures I was happily taking photos and making art. Sketching the scenes in watercolor didn’t make my eyes water or make me sneeze and inspired my Ride the Range Tara Reed art collection.

Tara Reed and her family - Dude Ranch vacation 2006

If you sell fabric and your customers love western fabric – be sure to contact your rep or Riley Blake Designs to order. If you sew and are as excited about this as we are, ask your favorite place to buy Riley Blake fabrics if they will carry this line.

 Tara Reed

P.S. See more fabrics by Tara Reed available from Riley Blake Designs >