Party Planning Ideas that Will Leave Your Guests Amazed

Party Planning Ideas that Will Leave Your Guests Amazed

Who wants to plan a party?

Are you looking for party planning ideas because you long to make gatherings and parties feel special and look like they were effortless?

Do you love to get creative and DIY your decorations and details to truly personalize any event?

Do you love celebrating milestones and the people you love but stress about exactly how much food you need, or even what to serve?

DIY the Party - ebook by Tara Reed cover

Then this book is for you!

This 111 page PDF book is full of party planning ideas, party plan worksheets, diagrams and more so you can create a blueprint for your next event.

This is the book you need to get organized for your next party or event. Learn to DIY your party so they think you hired a pro!

I’ve been planning parties since I was 8 when I wanted to discuss my birthday party much sooner than my mom did.

My birthday is January 31st, which seemed very, very far from Christmas when I was little. I can now understand my mom’s rule of “no talking about your birthday before the New Year” and her ultimate decision to just put me in charge since I was unable to follow this rule.

This isn’t a party theme book but a way for you to think through and plan the details of your event, no matter the size or theme.

You will create a blueprint for your ultimate event and go from brainstorming party planning ideas to detailed plans and shopping lists.

I love planning (or styling as I like to say) a party, sometimes even more than attending. The joy for me is in the creative process from idea to end result. At my husband’s 60th birthday party a few guests asked if I was a party planner and could they hire me – the ultimate compliment to that DIY bash!

I’m not a professional party planner but a creative person like you.

I love to make all the things! As an artist and craft designer I have an eye for color, design and scale and I’m here to help you DIY the Party. With a little imagination and some basic supplies, you can transform any space into a festive celebration that will leave your guests impressed and delighted.

artist Tara Reed

Let’s talk about all the pieces of a party from invitations, food and drink, sweets and treats, activities and budgets. I want you to learn how to DIY the PARTY so they think you hired a pro!