How to Sew a Bench Pillow from a Placemat Panel

How to Sew a Bench Pillow from a Placemat Panel

If you have ever wanted a quick way to add seasonal decor to your home, bench pillows – or small rectangular pillows – are an easy way to go. When you make them from placemat panel fabric they are not only easy but economical.

Christmas Barn pillow supplies
Christmas Barn Pillow from Placemat Panel

With a panel of 6 images you could make 6 pillows or make some placemats and a few pillows, use them as quilt blocks and more. There are so many things you can with a sewing machine and creativity.

In the video below I will show you how quick it is to stitch up a pillow using a Christmas Barn: one of 6 images on the December panel from the Monthly Placemat Program I created for Riley Blake Designs.


00:00 introduction

00:13 Supplies

00:37 Prepare fabrics and sew

01:15 Trim and turn right side out

01:39 Stuff the pillow

02:09 Close the opening

02:25 Follow me for more tutorials

With the 12 panels in the Monthly Placemat Program you can make pillows AND placemats for the whole year.

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🎄 Tara Reed