How to make a Table Runner from Fabric Placemat Panels

How to make a Table Runner from Fabric Placemat Panels

How to make the perfect sized table runner using placemat panels

St Patrick's Day table runner made with Fabric Placemat Panels and shamrock fabric by Tara Reed for Riley Blake Designs

Today I want to show you another way to use placemat panels for you home: make a placemat table runner.

Put a placemat on either end and a coordinating fabric in the middle and you can make a statement piece for your any table in a few hours.

For this tutorial I used 2 of the 6 St Patrick’s Day placement images and one of the 3 shamrock prints from the March Monthly Placemat Panel I designed for Riley Blake Designs.

Here’s how I made the Placemat Table Runner

St Patrick's Day table runner made with Fabric Placemat Panels and shamrock fabric by Tara Reed for Riley Blake Designs

SUPPLIES for 80″ runner

  • 1 Placemat Panel
  • 1 yard fabric for the front
  • 1 1/3 yards fabric for the back
  • 82″ x 19″ batting

OPTIONAL: If you want to do traditional quilt binding you need 5 1/2 strips at 2 1/2″ x WOF. Sew together and press in half to create binding. You will need about 1/2 yard of fabric for the binding


The width of the table runner is decided by the placemat so the finished width is 18 1/2″. You can make your runner any length you want with the fabric you put in between the 2 placemats. I measured my table and decided I wanted mine to be 80″ long.

First I chose the two placemats I wanted for either end of the runner. I decided to use two of the images with sayings: “In this house we create our own luck!” and “Friends and Family can always be found at the end of the Rainbow”.

TRIM the fabric panel with 1/4″ all the way around each design. After sewing they will be 11″ high for a total of 22″ of the 80″ length.

CENTER FABRIC: Then I chose the shamrock fabric on white for the center of the table runner and determined I needed 58 1/2″ long (the 1/2″ is for the seam allowance) x 18 1/2″ wide. I made this from 2 pieces of fabric, cutting a piece of fabric 29 1/4″ long and then trimming to 18 1/2″ wide.

CUT a piece of batting slightly larger than you need. I used 82″ x 19″.

Because I wanted a more modern look and a faster projects, I didn’t use traditional binding but just layered the fabrics and turned them right side out.

LAYER: batting, backing (face up) and top (face down). Pin and sew around the sides with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving an opening on one of the long sides to turn.

TRIM any excess batting, TURN and PRESS. PRESS the fabric from the opening under so you won’t see it after topstitching.

TOPSTITCH all the way around the table runner 1/8″ from the sides.

QUILT aș desired.

That’s it – you’re done!

It took under 3 hours from start to finish and will be a fun addition to my St Patrick’s Day decor. This can be done for any season – get 2 of each of the Monthly Placemat Panels and make both table runners AND placemats for each month of the year!

The fabrics used in this tutorial are March Placemat Panel and shamrock prints from the Monthly Placemat Program by Riley Blake Designs. Ask for them where you love to buy fabric. Happy Sewing!

☘️ Tara Reed

FREE TUTORIAL: Lodge Themed Table Runner

FREE TUTORIAL: Lodge Themed Table Runner

FREE TUTORIAL: Send Me to the Woods Table Runner

  • Looking for a quick and easy to bring the wilderness indoors?
  • Need a gift that will make the recipient go “WOW!!!”?
  • Love a lodge decor theme and want to make something new?

Send Me To the Woods Table Runner to the rescue!

Created with three Economy Blocks the finished table runner measures approx. 36″ x 12″

Below are the basic instructions and fabric requirements to put it together once you have created your Economy Blocks.

Click here to see detailed directions for creating Economy Blocks >

Tips for Designing Your Table Runner

As an artist and fabric designer I get a lot of questions about choosing fabrics and hear that that is often the hardest part for many sewists and quilters. So I thought I’d try to give you some tips for designing your table runner while still giving you lots of flexibility to create the colors and look you want!

The three Economy Blocks you create will determine the look of your table runner. The color combinations you choose for the fabrics as well as the animals and how you arrange them all make a difference.

With 21 prints to choose from in my Send Me to the Woods fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs there are a lot of options to choose from!

I recommend choosing three fabrics for your table runner. You want at least one of them to have a lot of contrast from the other two – lighter or darker. You can see how I played with the tone of the fabrics in my table runner.

By creating two blocks in one way and another the opposite, you create a balanced and interesting layout.

In my example, I used the dark forest fabric as the outside triangle fabric and the buffalo plaid for the inner triangle fabric for the end squares and reversed them in the center.

Below are three ideas to show how you can create a variety of looks from the Send Me to the Woods fabrics – I’ve shown the fabric bolts and then mocked up a sample table runner for each.

I hope this helps!

Sample layouts using the fabrics shown above:

Create Your 3 Economy Quilt Blocks

Decide on your fabrics and then create the 3 blocks you will use to make your table runner.

New to Economy Quilt Blocks? Click here and follow the directions in THIS QUILT BLOCK TUTORIAL POST >


Assemble the Table Runner


  • Backing Fabric:  39″ x 14″
  • Batting: 39″ x 14″
  • Binding Fabric: 3 WOF (width of fabric) strips, 2.5″ wide

(If you are new to quilting, you always want your batting and backing larger than the top of your project or quilt. Once you quilt / sew the layers together you then cut to size. That way you don’t end up with a backing that is too small by mistake!)

Sew the three Economy Blocks together.

Press seams.

Layer the backing fabric (face down), batting and 3 Block topper (face up) together and pin.

Quilt as desired.

After quilting, trim the batting and backing to the size of the Table Runner.

Bind and you are done!

 If you make this table runner I’d love to see it!

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– Tara Reed

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