Quilt Binding Calculator

Quilt Binding Calculator

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Unfortunately the binding calculator won’t work and the person I hired to create it no longer responds to requests for help.

I’m so disappointed that the straight grain quilt binding calculator I paid to have developed to do the math for you (and me!) wont work! You can learn how to do it manually in this blog post. Very sorry for the incoveninece.

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Quilt Binding Calculator for Straight Edged Projects

Straight-grain binding, also known as single-fold binding, is a binding method where a single layer of fabric is folded in half and then attached to the edges of the quilt.

It’s easy to make because you cut on the grain of the fabric – meaning you cut strips parallel to the selvage of your fabric. This type of binding offers a clean and straightforward finish, making it ideal for quilts that will be frequently used and washed.

NOTE: Straight-grain binding shouldn’t be used for curved or round projects.

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