How to Sew a Pillowcase with Directional Fabric

How to Sew a Pillowcase with Directional Fabric

How to Sew a Pillowcase using Directional Fabric

I have loved making pillowcases for almost 30 years. When my son was little I learned how to make them and he and I had so much fun picking out fabric for holidays, sports and more. 

He’s now 28 so it’s been a while since we had those creative outings to the fabric store but now I make them for my niece and nephews.

My Gnome for Christmas flannel from Riley Blake Designs is perfect for Christmas – cute and warm!

pillowcase tutorial featuring Gnome for Christmas fabric by Tara Reed

While pillowcases with non-directional fabric are easier, I really wanted to use the gnomes for the main fabric so I created a tutorial to show you how to make sure they don’t end up sideways or upside down on your pillow!

In an effort to keep things as simple as possible (for both of us!) I’m now offering “no strings attached” tutorials. Basically click the link and get the pdf directions without having to sign up for an email list. 😍

I create these free tutorials to show you ways to use the fabric lines I design for Riley Blake Designs – be sure to ask for them at your favorite physical or online quilt fabric retailer!

The video tutorial below shows how to make a pillowcase with non-directional fabric. Most of the directions are the same once you cut the main fabric, which is explained in the free PDF.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun making your own pillowcases! If you make and share them on social media be sure to tag me so I can see what you decided to do!

🛌 Tara Reed

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