Dollar Tree Craft – Halloween Round Sign Tutorial

Dollar Tree Craft – Halloween Round Sign Tutorial

Dollar Tree Craft – Halloween Round Sign Tutorial

using cut vinyl to make halloween sign
bow supplies for halloween sign

The Dollar Tree is a great place to get craft supplies on a budget without sacrificing the end results! I had a great time picking out supplies for this Halloween Round Sign that incorporates one of the 4 designs in my Halloween Round Sign SVG and Cut file bundle (links to buy the bundle are at the bottom of this post).


Here’s what I got at the Dollar Tree:

  • Silver charger plate
  • black decorative mesh
  • asst. ribbon
  • Halloween rose pick (so much fun!)
  • 1 package of googly eyes (all 125 are on my sign!)

Other supplies:

  • Halloween Round Sign SVG and Cut file bundle
  • light sand paper / sanding block
  • glue gun / glue
  • wire cutters (don’t ruin your scissors cutting apart the rose pick!)
  • ruler
  • fabric scissors (to cut your ribbon)

Once I  had my supplies I put my Halloween round sign together in less than an hour. 

It would be a fun craft to do with kids too – but you might want to use tack glue instead of a glue gun so they don’t burn themselves gluing on all those googly eyes!  (jump to the video)

SAND. First lightly sand your charger and roughen up the surface so the vinyl and glue will stick well.

ADD DESIGN. Next, cut your adhesive vinyl and put it in the center of the plate using transfer tape.

MAKE BOW. I made a quick and easy bow by cutting 8-12″ lengths of mesh and ribbon and laying them out in an X formation. Then I grabbed and pinched them in the middle and wrapped it with the wire from the rose with the spooky eye to hold it together. Next I fluffed the ribbon and added more roses and a spider by pushing the wire for the accent pieces through the center so they were held in place too. 

ADD RIBBON HANGER. I scratched the back of the plate with the edge of a screwdriver to help the hot glue hold the ribbon in place better. Glue the ribbon and then reinforce the ribbon by gluing pieces of cardboard across the ribbon in the opposite direction. I used the packaging from the googly eyes (waste not, want not – right?) 

ADD BOW. Scratch the front of the plate with your screwdriver where the center of your bow will be glued for best results and hot glue the bow where desired.

GLUE ON THE GOOGLY EYES! This was my favorite part! I used all 125 eyes in my package from the Dollar Tree. I started by spacing the biggest eyes around the edge of the plate and then just filled in the rest until there were no eyes and no space left.

DECIDE WHERE TO HANG IT. That’s it! It’s so simple and fun! 


This is a speed video so you can see the whole process in just under 3 minutes! I added instructions at the bottom of the video. There isn’t any talking so if you don’t want to listen to the crafty musak, you can keep the sound off. 🎼



I sell on 3 digital marketplaces so you can choose the one that is your favorite and grab your Halloween Round Sign SVG & Cut Files Bundle there! See the affiliate links below. 


If you try this craft I’d love to see what you create!  

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Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!

👻🎃 Tara Reed