How to Sew a Cute Luggage Handle Wrap in 10 minutes

How to Sew a Cute Luggage Handle Wrap in 10 minutes

Have luggage handle wrap – ready to travel!

Now that the world seems to be back on the road and in the air we have to worry about lost and look-alike luggage. But because you sew, you can fix that!


These fabric wraps for your luggage handle are so fast and easy you might not be able to stop making them. They are also a great way to use up both fabric and batting scraps.

Looking for a quick and easy gift for someone who loves to travel or anyone who uses a suitcase?

These are the perfect little something for a trip, stocking stuffers, gifts for co-workers who travel and more. You can cut down on that fabric scrap and batting pile too! Want to earn some extra cash so YOU can go on vacation? Make and sell cute luggage handle wraps.

luggage handle wrap supplies


  • (2) 5″ squares of fabric
  • (1) 5″ square of batting or fleece
  • 4″ strip of hook & loop tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ironing Board

00:00 introduction
00:36 luggage handle wrap supplies
00:56 prepare fabrics
01:05 sew
01:11 clip corners
01:17 trim fleece at opening
01:48 turn right side out
01:56 use turning tool in corners
02:08 iron and sew
02:29 add hook & loop tape
03:14 how to put it on the suitcase handle

I used my August Fruit Toss fabrics that are part of the Monthly Placemat Program I designed for Riley Blake Designs n this tutorial.

I can’t wait to use this on my trip to see my first grand nephew in October – he’ll be 6 months old so I’m sure he will be impressed!

Where are you off to? Let me know in the comments.

This is a great project to showcase your creativity and make thoughtful gifts for family and friends.

🧳 Bon Voyage!  Tara Reed


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