Easy Fabric Coasters to Sew in a Snap

Easy Fabric Coasters to Sew in a Snap

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Sewing for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Make Coasters

Have you ever wanted to sew easy fabric coasters but then see people on social media flawlessly adding binding to small circles and thought, “I can’t do that!” (Me too!) Sometimes my aspirations are above my skill or desire level – I just want to make something cute QUICKLY.

Other times I want to whip up something heartfelt for a friend, to take as a hostess gift or to make and sell to help fund my next vacation.

Let me show you the easiest way to make coasters that are cute as can be!

I used my September leaves fabric from the Monthly Placemat Program I made for Riley Blake Designs for this tutorial but fully plan to make more seasonal coasters since they are so easy to make and small to store.

fabric coaster supplies - tara reed fabric


  • (5) 5″ squares of fabric / coaster
    (1) 4 Β½” square of fusible fleece / coaster (Pellon 987F)
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ironing Board
  • Rotary Cutter & Mat (optional)



Fuse the 4 1/2″ sq of fusible fleece onto the wrong side of the fabric square that will be the back of the coaster. (figure 1)

Fold the remaining four squares of fabric in half, wrong sides together, and press. (figure 2)


Place the back of the coaster fabric on your workspace, right side up. (figure 3)

fuse fleece to the wrong side of the back fabric
(figure 1)
iron fabric squares in half
(figure 2)
fabric coaster pieces ready to stack
(figure 3)

Layer the folded squares of fabric around the back fabric as shown in (figures 4-7). Be sure the folded side is on the inside of the square and the raw edges are on the outside.

If you are using 3 different prints like I am, and therefore using one twice, put the duplicate print down 1st and 3rd so they are in opposite corners.

When you put down the third folded piece of fabric you can no longer see the back fabric. (figure 6).

When you put the fourth rectangle down (figure 7), flip up the first piece and tuck the last one under the first piece – they will overlap, just like the rest of the folded pieces.

place piece 1 over the back fabric
(figure 4)
place piece 2 on the fabrics
(figure 5)
place piece 3 on the fabrics
(figure 6)
place piece 4 on the fabrics, folding down piece 1 so piece 4 goes behind it
(figure 7)

If they are layered correctly you will see a square of each of the fabrics. Clip or pin all the pieces in place. (figure 8)


Sew around all four edges using a ΒΌ” seam allowance. (You don’t need to leave any opening for turning.) (figure 9)

Trim the corners to reduce bulk. (figure 10)


Turn the coaster right side out by grabbing the back fabric through the center between the rectangles. (figure 11)

Push out the corners and press.

clip all fabric pieces together
(figure 8)
sew around the fabric coaster with 1/4" seam
(figure 9)
clip the corners
(figure 10)
turn fabric right side out
(figure 11)

00:00 introduction
01:16 Determine the size
02:49 Supplies
03:21 Determine length of straps
04:52 Fuse fleece to lining
06:38 Iron Clip Loop
07:38 Cut box bottoms
08:57 Add optional tag
09:28 Clip or Pin fabrics
10:18 Sew
11:50 Sew strap pieces together
13:06 Form straps with fleece
16:27 Sew straps
17:18 Assemble the water bottle holder
19:44 Add the clasp
20:37 Sew together
20:57 Turn right side out
21:24 Close the turning opening
22:07 Topstitch to finish

These easy fabric coasters are awesome – no curves, no binding and they go together in a snap! I think you’re going to be as hooked on this method as I am.

This is a great project to showcase your creativity and make thoughtful gifts for family and friends.

🧡 Tara Reed


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