How to Make DIY Party Sashes with a Cutting Machine

How to Make DIY Party Sashes with a Cutting Machine

DIY Party Sashes take any special event to the next level

pink mom-to-be Party Sash
DIY Party Sash supplies

Making party sashes is a fun and creative way to add a special touch to any celebration, whether it’s a sweet 16, baby shower, Quinceañera, bridal shower, birthday party and more.

With the help of a cutting machine like Cricut, you can easily create custom sashes in any color, design, and size you want.

In this blog post, I’ll go over the basics of making party sashes with a cutting machine, show you what supplies you need and what designs I have available.

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Step 1: Choose your Sash Materials

The first step in making a party sash is to decide on the material. 4″ wide satin ribbon is common but you can also use other ribbon or make a sash out of fabric. If you are going to hold the sash together with a pin, velcro dots or other adhesive, 60-70″ long is a common length but adjust as needed if you know the size of the person who will wear it. Add an extra 20 inches or more if you want to tie the sash together.

Step 2: Choose a Party Sash Themed Bundle

I’ve created sash designs for lots of occasions and if you want one you don’t see, please leave a comment or reach out directly.

All of my bundles come with at least 5 options – some with several wording options, others with a variety of fonts for the same text. I’ve taken time creating these to cut smoothly and size well for a 4″ wide sash so you don’t have to – get to the fun part of creating!

Links to purchase on DesignBundles: “Future Mrs” sash | Mom-to-be sash | Mum-to-be sash | Twins on Board sash | It’s my Birthday sash | Quinceanera sash | Sweet 16

Step 3: Set Up Your Files in your Cutting Machine

Each design comes in layers to give you flexibility for cutting and for using multiple colors if desired. No individual word is longer than 12″ so you can easily cut it on a standard mat and it won’t be hard to piece together on the sash.

The video below shows you how to set up your files in Cricut Design Space.

If you have another cutting machine use the same concept in your machine’s software.


00:00 introduction
00:09 Set up file in Cricut
02:47 Mirror Text before cutting HTV
03:20 Put HTV on mat SHINY SIDE DOWN
03:51 Load Cricut
04:12 Weeding HTV Tips
05:49 Cut words apart

06:25 Trim plastic layer
06:57 Prep Sash Ribbon
07:56 Placing text on ribbon
09:05 Determine heat press setting
10:07 Heat Press text to ribbon
13:06 Finishing ends of ribbon

Step 4: Cut your heat transfer vinyl

Once you’ve designed your sash, you’ll need to cut it out of heat transfer vinyl. Be sure to MIRROR (or flip) the text so it looks backwards before cutting.(fig. 1)

Place the HTV on your cutting mat with the shiniest side down. (Think of the shiny side as built-in transfer tape for HTV.)

After you’ve cut your design, weed the excess vinyl and get ready to put it on the sash. (fig. 2)

reverse text before cutting heat transfer vinyl
figure 1
weed your vinyl
figure 2

Step 5: Prepare the Sash

Fold your sash in half. The center will be on top of the shoulder. Starting 4-5″ from the fold, begin placing your HTV on the sash. (fig. 3)

Trim any plastic backing to ensure all the vinyl is touching the sash and not layered onto the backing of another piece of text. (fig. 4)

Finish the ends of the sash. You can leave the fabric or ribbon with a straight cut or fold in half and cut at an angle to make a fancier end.

If your fabric or ribbon will fray, apply a small amount of clear nail polish or fray-check. (fig. 5)

apply heat transfer vinyl to ribbon for mom-to-be Party Sash
figure 3
cut protective plastic before applying htv
figure 4
apply clear polish to prevent ribbon from fraying
figure 5

Step 6: Check the Heat Settings before using your Heat Press

Always double check the manufacturer’s instructions for heat and pressing time before doing a new project.

If you use a Cricut Heat Press, go to I use synthetic ribbon so I chose “Neoprene” as my material – it seemed the closest to the material I used.

You don’t want to use too high a heat or it can melt the material. So for my mom-to-be sash I set my Cricut EasyPress 2 to 280 degrees and will press for 20 seconds. (fig. 6)

Cricut Heat Press settings
figure 6

Step 7: Press the HTV onto the Sash

For synthetic or delicate materials it’s also important to add a layer of protection (a teflon sheet or parchment paper) – even if you aren’t layering different colors of vinyl – so you don’t melt or warp the fabric / ribbon. (fig. 7)

Place the fabric / ribbon on an ironing board or a pressing mat (I prefer a pressing mat on a hard surface for better and more even pressure.)

Speaking of pressure – if you’ve ever had trouble getting HTV to “stick”, it’s likely that you didn’t press down much if at all. You need to press down the whole time you are applying heat to each section – put a little muscle into it! (fig. 8) (A friend discovered this was her issue and is now as in love with HTV as I am!)

Don’t slide your press like you are ironing but put it down, press, lift and them move to the next section. That will prevent and warping or sliding of your HTV.

Use teflon sheets to protect synthetic ribbon from heat press
figure 7
using the Cricut EasyPress 2
figure 8

Step 8: Remove the HTV Plastic Backing

Follow the directions from your heat press and vinyl regarding removing backing when warm or cool to the touch. (fig. 9)

removing protective layer from htv vinyl - Party Sash diy
figure 9

Party sashes are much easier to make than most people think – but I won’t tell! You can wow your family, friends or party guests by making a sash for the next big event.

If you make any party sashes from my designs and post on social media, be sure to tag me – I love seeing what people create.

Happy crafting and have a wonderful celebration!

✂️ 🥳 Tara Reed

Things to make for the Kitchen this Christmas with Cricut

Things to make for the Kitchen this Christmas with Cricut

Family Christmas Projects for the Kitchen with Cricut

(This post contains affiliate links – I will earn a small commission if you click and purchase but your price remains the same)

Christmas Kitchen Crafts with Cricut

Tis the season to spend time in the kitchen! As Christmas approaches thoughts turn to baking, cookie exhange parties, pies and all the traditional foods for the holiday season.

Make the kitchen even more festive with some Christmas Crafts for Cricut.

There are so many ways to add to the season when you are crafty.

Christmas Kitchen Crafts with Cricut

Make Christmas aprons, potholders and holiday tea towels. Decorate cookie jars, make paper garland and make fun Christmas signs.

If you always have lots of cooks in the kitchen at Christmas why not give everyone an apron so they can pitch in! The self-designated taste tester will love an apron just for them. There are designs for the cleaning crew, the bakers and more.

7 Ways to use one Christmas SVG Bundle

In this video I’ll give you 7 ideas you can make from just one bundle of designs and that you can personalize with names. From Christmas Aprons to personalized potholders, decorate mixing bowls, make print and cut stickers and even make a Christmas dog bandana.

I’ll show you in detail how to etch metal and make a Christmas scraper as well as how to add a monogram to a wooden spoon with Diablos Touch Wood Burning Gel.

00:00 Things to make for Christmas Cookie Baking with Cricut
00:02 Introduction
01:24 Personalized Apron
01:56 Personalized Potholder
02:27 Personalized Mixing Bowl
03:38 Christmas Dog Bandana
04:20 Print and Cut Stickers
05:16 How to Etch Metal
13:19 Wood Burning on a Spoon
20:00 Design Bundle link

Make Personalized Christmas Aprons with HTV

In this video you will learn how easy it is to make Christmas aprons for all your Christmas cooking and baking with HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and a Cricut, Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine. You can personalize them with names or make the aprons with the sayings only so anyone can use them.

This will be one of those extra touches your cookie baking team, Christmas pie baking helpers or Christmas party helpers will always remember.


00:00 Make Christmas Aprons with HTV
00:04 Supply List
00:07 Project Intro
00:42 Decide size of design
01:22 Line up design on apron
01:46 Check heat settings for your press
02:50 Tips to press multiple colors of HTV at ones
03:07 Line up with Centering Ruler
04:45 Heat Pressing HTV
06:38 Make Stickers with Cricut or Silhouette

In these videos you will learn how easy and economical it is to make stickers with Cricut or your Silhouette Cameo and home printer.

(There is a separate video for each)

I will walk you through how to size the stickers, add names and the settings you need if you want to have them cut out of the sticker paper as separate stickers (full cut vs. kiss cut).

If you will have lots of people in the kitchen this Christmas season why not add a little something extra with personalized stickers!

These designs are perfect for aprons or shirts too but the most economical way to use them is to print and cut stickers.


00:00 Make Christmas Baking Stickers with Silhouette Cameo
00:19 Create Print and Cut work shape
01:08 Sizing for Stickers
03:08 Adding Cut Lines
04:16 Adding Text
05:15 Line up images and cut lines
06:46 Change to Print then Cut files
06:56 Make It
07:03 Send to Printer
07:13 Load and Cut


00:00 Make Christmas Baking Stickers with Silhouette Cameo
00:23 Add PNG files to Silhouette
02:17 Add name in Silhouette Software
03:39 Organizing layers
04:24 Creating Cut Lines
05:42 Line up images and cut lines
06:24 Send to Printer
06:53 Load Sticker Paper into Silhouette
07:12 Send Cut lines to Silhouette

There are so many things you can make for Christmas with your cutting machine – these are just a few and only focus on the kitchen!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and fun filled holiday season.

🎅🏻 Tara Reed


How to Make Personalized Christmas Gift Bags with Cricut

More Christmas Craft and Sewing Projects

How to decorate a baseball hat with Cricut or Silhouette

How to decorate a baseball hat with Cricut or Silhouette

Adventure Awaits - How to decorate a baseball hat with heat transfer vinyl

How to Decorate a Baseball Hat with Cricut EasyPress Mini and HTV

This post contains Amazon and DesignBundles affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!

Baseball hats are so easy to customize with HTV with the Cricut EasyPress Mini! In this video tutorial, you will see how you can customize baseball hats quickly and easily.

Cricut, Silhouette and other cutting machines are a great way to make baseball hats for special events, vacations, gifts and more. Using scraps of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) from other projects and a Cricut EasyPress Mini you can personalize hats in no time.


  • 1:08 – Tailor’s Ham demo
  • 1:32 – using a towel or bath mat to stabilize your hat
  • 2:28 – Putting your design on your hat
  • 4:53 – Supply List recap

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more crafting and sewing tutorials. 

how to sew a button up scarf


Once your realize how easy these are to make I bet you will come up with all kinds of reasons to make more. 

These would be great gifts for kids birthday parties that won’t break the bank or make Family Reunion hats, campout hats and more.

Here are just a few designs I think would be great on baseball hats (but with nearly 1700 themed bundles there are so many options!)

how to sew a button up scarf
how to sew a button up scarf
how to sew a button up scarf
how to sew a button up scarf

Happy Crafting and if you make and share hats on instagram be sure to tag me – @artisttarareed – I’d love to see!

 Tara Reed

P.S. See more Craft projects for your Cricut or Silhouette machine >