I’d Rather Be Playing Chess Fabric Sneak Peek

I’d Rather Be Playing Chess Fabric Sneak Peek

kids playing chess


I have memories of sitting over a chess board with my dad when I was little, learning the rules about how each piece moved and learning to think a few moves ahead. When my son was little, the scene was recreated with me as the teacher and him as the student. Now my brother is teaching my niece and nephews – so while chess never became a passion for us it is definitely a family tradition passed down through the generations.

Chess teaches fundamental life skills: problem solving, focus, patience and strategy to name a few.  I will admit that I was more intrigued by the artistic aspects of chess: the shapes of the pieces, the textures of the wood and they myriad of themes chess sets come in beyond the traditional.  Whatever your connection to the game, I hope this fabric inspires you to sew the way it inspired me to paint!

“I’d Rather Be Playing Chess” will include 12 prints and a panel with 4 images you can use for quilts, bags and more!

zipper bags from Chess Fabric by Tara Reed
quilt from Chess Fabric by Tara Reed

Watch the video to see a preview of the prints and some samples of projects I’ll be sharing when the fabric comes out.

I hope you enjoyed this preview of the chess fabrics coming to stores in the fall off 2021! I’m excited to see what you create!

Tara Reed