How to Sew Baby Burp Cloths

How to Sew Baby Burp Cloths

Free Baby Burp Cloths Pattern & Tutorial

If you’ve ever been around an infant you know that burp cloths are A MUST!

I have a new grand nephew coming so I decided to make some with prints from my Winter Barn Quilts fabric from Riley Blake Designs. I used the print on one side and a terry cloth towel I got on clearance for the back. That saves me a little money and makes them more absorbent than fabric and batting alone.

baby shower gifts to sew - baby burp rags
baby burp cloths diy

Baby burp cloths are often made out of flannel too and you can use the same pattern and sewing method. A new mom can never have enough burp rags – they are great baby shower gift, things to sew and sell and more.

My pattern makes baby burp rags that are 19″ x 9 1/2″ – perfect for protecting even the broadest shoulders.


  • 1 fat quarter of fabric OR 20″ x 11″ piece of fabric
  • 1 terry cloth kitchen towel or other fabric of your choice
  • FREE Template pattern (with written directions included in the PDF)
  • Paper and printer to make your template
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine

This tutorial uses two of the Compass Star prints (C12082-BLUE & C12082-NAVY) from my Winter Barn Quilts fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs. Ask for them where you love to buy fabric. 


You can use the templates to make a full-sized pattern or make a pattern to cut on the fold, whatever your preference.

To make a full sized pattern: print two curved pieces and one rectangle. Match dashed lines and tape together.

To make a pattern to cut on the fold of your fabric: print one of each template. Then cut the rectangle piece on the CENTER FOLD LINE, discarding the second half. Match dashed lines on the curved and rectangle pieces and tape together.

baby burp cloth free pattern


I wanted to see where I could shave a few minutes off of making the burp cloths and found a way to make the cutting process a little faster.

CUT the terry towel to the burp cloth shape.

PLACE the terry towel on the right side of the fabric and pin.

SEW the two pieces together – 1/4″ from the edge of the terry towel, leaving a few inches of the straight section open for turning. (fig. 1)

THEN CUT the fabric to match the terry towel that is already sewn on top. (fig. 2)

CLIP the curves – my least favorite part. (fig. 3)

How to Sew Baby Burp Cloths - sewing fabric together

figure 1

How to Sew Baby Burp Cloths - cutting fabric

figure 2

How to Sew Baby Burp Cloths - clip curves before turning

figure 3


TURN right side out and press.

TOPSTITCH 1/8″ from the edge. (fig. 4)

OPTIONAL: If you want to quilt the burp cloth so the two pieces are secured to each other more you can. I do this when I make burp cloths from two pieces of fabric with batting in the middle but don’t find it to be necessary for the fabric / towel combo.

That’s it – you’re done!

How to Sew Baby Burp Cloths

figure 4

Make baby burp cloths to coordinate with outfits, for all the holidays or just to get that fabric scrap stash a little bit smaller.

If you make this or anything else with my fabric and post it online – tag me so I can see it!  I love to see what people create.

👶🏻 Tara Reed

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