sew your own Furniture Movers for wood floors

Sew Your Own Furniture Movers for Wood Floors!

furniture moved to get ready for painters When we finished a BIG kitchen remodel – a down-to-the-studs big remodel – the last thing we had done was painting.  What started out as painting the kitchen turned into “oh, let’s do the dining room, living room and entry too!” (You know how that goes, right? It’s like pulling a thread in a sweater and all kinds of things unravel!)
Our house is a 1923 Craftsman with wood floors. We had 2 sets of Wood Floor Furniture Gliders you can buy at the store or online for $10-12 but we had 10 heavy pieces of furniture we needed to move for the painters and then move back into place.  I wasn’t looking forward to lifting, placing sliders, moving the furniture, grabbing the sliders and doing all of that 8 times!
I wanted a set of sliders for every piece of heavy furniture so we could put them under the legs once and leave them till the painting was done and the furniture was back in place.  AND I didn’t want to spend a fortune since it isn’t something you need often.

Then a light bulb turned on – MAKE MY OWN hardwood furniture sliders with scraps of fabric, fleece and batting!


Sewing wood floor furniture moversI rushed to my scrap pile and started grabbing fluffy things and some other bits of fabric.  I cut rectangle or square-ish shapes and put them in piles.  Soft, slippery fabric on one side (to protect and slide on the floor) and a cotton top (so the furniture will stay put).
This project wasn’t about beauty but function so I didn’t worry about exact cuts or perfect seams.  I just put the pedal to the metal and whipped up another 6 sets of sliders (4 per set since most furniture has 4 legs or 4 corners to lift and move.)
They worked GREAT!  I saved myself about $30-40 and put a dent in my scrap pile – win-win!
If you have hardwood floors and every need to move furniture – I highly recommend you give this a try!
Here’s to making both practical AND pretty things!
– Tara Reed


  1. So, how did you make them?

    1. Tara Reed Avatar

      I added more instructions and another photo but you basically just use scraps of fleece or batting for the bottom (something that is soft and will slide on the wood) and scraps of cotton on top!

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