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FREE TUTORIAL: How to Bind a Quilt with the Backing Fabric

Do you ever want to create a project and then groan inside when you think about having to do the binding?

For me the smaller the project the bigger the groan.

Self-Binding to the rescue! 

But what is “Self-Binding”?

In traditional quilting, the binding is made from a separate strip of fabric that is sewn onto the quilt. The fabric is folded in half before attaching to the quilt so when you fold it over the raw edge of the quilt, it also encapsulates the raw edge of the binding.

When you self bind, you use the backing fabric as the binding. It’s especially helpful on smaller projects – saving time and the frustration of trying to match the binding when everything is so small!

Ready to learn how to bind a quilt or quilted project with the Backing Fabric?

For this example I used 3 prints from my Send Me to the Woods Fabric sold by Riley Blake Designs and a Bow Tie Quilt Block.

(CLICK HERE to see the tutorial to make the Bow Tie Block)

Send Me to the Woods Fabric by Tara Reed

Backing Fabric used: Send Me to the Woods Forest Brown

Since my unfinished block is 6.5″ square I cut an 8.5″ backing fabric.  Add 2 inches to the dimensions of your project you want to self bind.

How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

QUILT the project to the backing as desired.

TUTORIAL: How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

PRESS all 4 backing edges in so they edge meets, but doesn’t overlap the project.

How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

CLIP or pin the self binding in place

TOPSTITCH near the edge to complete.

TUTORIAL: How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

It’s so simple!

A 6 inch quilt block is the perfect size for a Mug Rug (a fancy name for a coaster) or to use under candles and more.

How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

PLACE the quilt block or other quilted project on top of the batting and backing fabric – wrong sides together.

Since my project is so small I used a fusible fleece batting the same size as the block so it wouldn’t slip. For larger projects, use batting that is slightly large and then trim it with scissors to the size of your project after quilting the 3 layers together.

PIN in place.

How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

PRESS the four corners in so the point of the backing fabric touches the point of the project, but doesn’t overlap.

How to Self Bind a Small Quilt by Tara Reed

REPEAT the process of folding in the corners and pressing, then the edges and pressing – this time enveloping the raw edges of your quilt block or project with the fabric.

Self BInding corner photo

Here is a closeup of how the corners will look if you do the simple folds as shown.  I like the added accent of a little triangle overlapping the block from the mitred corner but if you don’t – I’ll show you how to do it differently in a future post. (Soon!)

Candle Mat by Tara Reed
Mug Rug by Tara Reed

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You can use this technique on larger projects as well but I recommend you give it a try on something small first to see if you like the technique.

– Tara Reed

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Materials Used in this Project:

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