When I began designing fabric for Riley Blake Designs and was gearing up to have space in their booth for the fall Quilt Market in Houston I had a lot to re-learn!

Thankfully sewing and quilting is like riding a bike, you might wobble at first but it all comes back to you!

I will admit that I had some serious mindset work to do around my seam ripper. I’m a bit of a Type-A personality and like to get everything right (the first time). If you sew or quilt, which I assume you do if you are reading this, you are probably chuckling right about now…
Everyone I have talked to – from new sewists to those who have been quilting professionally for decades say the same thing: Your seam ripper is your friend and you will use it regularly. Apparently I was not to be the exception to this rule and have finally stopped mentally beating myself up when I need to redo stitches or seams. (Life is too short for all that!)
To overcome my seam ripper insecurities I’ve decided to embrace and possibly collect seam rippers! I’d love to know what your favorite is and why – is it the color, how it feels in your hand or does it have multi-use functions? Leave a comment and help a fellow quilter out!
Here’s to a happy & creative life!
– Tara Reed