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Santa Face Appliqué designs and quilt blocks by Tara Reed

What is Appliqué?

Dictionary.com defines APPLIQUÉ as: ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck onto a large piece of fabric to form pictures or patterns.

There are a few ways to do it, from sewing by hand or with your machine, fused appliqué, turned edge and more. The easiest is raw edge appliqué.

What is Raw Edge Appliqué?

Raw edge appliqué is when you cut your pieces the exact size you want them and you leave the cut, or “raw”, edges of the fabric shown. It’s easier because there is not trying to turn and press edges of small pieces so it works better for designs with small pieces like this. The edges will fray a little, depending on the way to choose to stitch them down. You can use straight stitching, zigzag or decorative stitches – the chose is yours.


sewing raw edge appliqué Santa face
Santa Applique in a Sawtooth Star Quilt Block
Santa Face Appliqué on green fabric

How to Cut Your Fabric Pieces

Just as there are a few ways to do appliqué there is more than one way to cut your fabric. In the video below I’ll show you how to:

  1. Use fusible web to hand cut the fabric and iron it on the back as well as how to
  2. Use your Cricut Maker or other cutting machine that can cut fabric and use temporary adhesive (I use this) to place the pieces on your background fabric.

The Sweet Santa appliqué can be used on any project you’d like but this pattern includes instructions to make a 20” square Sawtooth Star Quilt block with Santa in the center.

pin or clip book pillow pocket together
raw edge appliqué pieces


00:00 introduction
00:17 Raw Edge Appliqué definition
00:48 Raw Edge Fusible Appliqué
02:16 Put webbing on fabric
02:43 Small piece trimming tips
03:22 Cut appliqué pieces with Cricut Maker
03:47 Use temporary adhesive spray
03:57 Layout appliqué pieces
04:11 Mark placement before adhering pieces
04:51 Adhere pieces
05:56 Sewing the appliqué pieces
06:15 Free motion quilting

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