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Enter the length and width of your quilt or quilted project as well as the width of your binding strips and let this free quilt binding calculator do the math for you! Use for all of your straight edged projects (not round or curved). If you want to understand the math, read this blog post.

Quilt Binding Calculator

Finished Quilt Width (short side)


Finished Quilt Length (short side)


Binding Strips Raw Width



Binding Length Needed
# Binding Strips Needed
Binding Yardage Needed

The calculator is based on 40″ of usuable fabric width when determing the number of strips & yardage needed and works with the most common sized quilting fabrics.

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arrows showing how to measure a quilt to Calculate Binding needed

Quilt Binding Calculator for Straight Edged Projects

Straight-grain binding, also known as single-fold binding, is a binding method where a single layer of fabric is folded in half and then attached to the edges of the quilt.

It’s easy to make because you cut on the grain of the fabric – meaning you cut strips parallel to the selvage of your fabric. This type of binding offers a clean and straightforward finish, making it ideal for quilts that will be frequently used and washed.

NOTE: Straight-grain binding shouldn’t be used for curved or round projects.

Binding Strip Width

The standard width for binding strips is 2.5 inches, including the seam allowance. However, you can adjust this width according to your preference. Wider bindings (up to 3 inches) can be used for a bolder look, while narrower bindings (around 2 inches) provide a more delicate finish.


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