Over the Collar Dog Bandana Sewing Secrets

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steps to sew an Over the Collar Dog Bandana from a Fabric Square

Discover how easy it is to turn a fabric square into an over the collar dog bandana

🐶 Learn how to sew dog bandanas in just 15 minutes or less. Transform a square of fabric into an adorable accessory for your favorite four-legged friend. I’ll walk you through the sizes needed for small, medium and large dog collars to get all the pooches covered!

This is my second over the collar dog bandana tutorial. The first video is really popular but I’ve had some requests for it to go slower and for me to talk through the process instead of doing it quickly with music. (You can see the fast paced video on this post)

In the video below, I’ll show you how to use 10″ precut fabric for medium sized over the collar dog bandanas, what kind of quilting ruler I recommend for beginners, how to pull up your bobbin thread to avoid bird-nest knots and more helpful sewing tips.


00:00 Introduction
00:30 Dog Collar Sizes
00:46 Size fabric for small dog collar
01:56 Size fabric for medium dog collar
02:19 How to use directional fabric for dog bandanas
03:25 Size fabric for large dog collar
04:04 Iron dog bandana channel marks
04:32 How to use a Tailor’s Clapper
05:10 Trim fabric for channel sides
05:50 Quilting ruler sizes for beginners

06:46 Press fabric and sew channels
07:40 How to pull up your bobbin thread
08:36 How to chain stitch dog bandanas
09:18 Press and sew dog bandanas to go over the collar
10:00 How to sew multiple bandanas more efficiently
10:36 Sewing Tip: Mark turning point to build confidence
12:32 Clip the corners
13:10 Turn right side out and mark channel stitch lines
15:36 Finish dog bandanas and enjoy!

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🧵 Tara Reed

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