Every year I pick a word to represent the year ahead… last year I got a “cease & desist” from an attorney for my word – it was THAT powerful!  (Sorry – won't tell you – don't want that to pop up in my life again!) This year after a bit of journaling and reflection, I've chosen ALLOW as my word for 2016. So many unexpected things happened and shifted in 2015 and so many things are still in flux for 2016… I find myself wanting to control them, to find a crystal ball, to KNOW how it will play out. But life doesn't work that way. We have to do the work and release attachment to the outcome.  I've decided I need to work on my ability to trust and ALLOW things to unfold in the way they are meant to.

How are you at ALLOWING?

Allowing doesn't mean you don't have opinions, that you don't react, pivot and work to make things happen that make you happy. It doesn't mean you are a victim – it means you don't battle. You don't fight, you notice.

You look at the circumstances of your day, week, month, etc and you get curious. What brought this about? How do I want to react, if I want to react at all? Do I want to participate in this or not?  Does what I see / feel / hear make me happy or something less than that? How can I PIVOT – can I change my circumstances, my attitude or both?

When I chose ALLOW as my word it is to remind me to be more peaceful with the process. To not pre-worry about things that may or usually may not come to pass. To do my work and see what happens. See who shows up and what evolves. I'm excited to see where my word and my work will take me!

What word have you or would you choose for the new year?

Whatever it is, I wish you grand adventures, lots of fun, laughter and happiness.  I also hope you remember to PIVOT your focus when you aren't feeling these things so you can get back to what life is meant to be!

– Tara Reed

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