Warning: Proud Mother bragging a little to follow.

Cowp MusicMy son and I had a very creative house… it was just the two of us from the time he was in 4th grade through his high school graduation in 2012. His dad and I had divorced and we lived on opposite coasts for years. While I built my art business, my son learned to play the electric guitar. Later he became passionate about producing music and in addition to a double emphasis in Marketing and Operations Management, he's been working towards a minor in music. (AND he will graduate in 4 years!)

He was featured on the blog Mad Music and I just had to share. It's a mother's right after all…

You can find him online as “Cowp Music” – on Facebook and other places.

Read more about what my son is up to and listen to some of his music on Mad Music

Follow your dreams and encourage others to do the same!  Cheering you on Kyle!

– Tara Reed

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