My Journey with Fabric…

My history with fabric is long and reminds me a little of walking a labyrinth.  If you aren’t familiar, it’s a path, usually circular, that loops around on itself. It’s a wonderful analogy about how “what goes around, comes around”.

There are often things in life that come and go – sewing and fabric design and two of those things for me.

I remember being so excited when we had sewing in home economics class in middle school. My mom had a sewing machine but didn’t use it – my friend Lynn’s mom, however, taught us to make wrap-around skirts! This was back in the early 80’s when Bermuda Bags were popular (wooden handles and bag covers you would button on and could change on a whim) – we made those two!

Then life… high school, college – I moved away from fabric and sewing, walking a different part of my labyrinth.

quilt for my son - 1994 - Tara Reed

Fast forward to 1991 when my first niece was born – the sewing machine came back out!  I made her dresses, bibs and blankets (oh my!) Sewing for little girls is awesome!

I had a son in 1993 – I made him quilts, activity books and rompers.  Halloween costumes and dress up clothes continued to pour from my machine for both my niece and son.

In 2006 I started designing quilting fabric – what a dream come true! To be able to combine my love of art and sewing and then create with my own fabric lines – totally awesome! (be sure to say that in an 80’s rad accent 😉 )

Decision makers changed at the company and they went with new artists – I moved around my labyrinth again, this time away from both designing fabric and sewing.

There were fabrics here and there that were licensed and sold in Joann Fabric & Crafts as well as the occasional quilting fabric line. I also raised my son, got remarried, built my art licensing business – life.

In 2017 I signed with an agent and found myself telling him, over and over, “I really want to get back into the world of fabric design and sewing.”

2019 became the year to circle back and really embrace my love of all things fabric. I found my home with the amazing team and designers at Riley Blake Designs.

I’m excited to share my fabric lines, tips, patterns and more as we move around the labyrinth of life together. I’m so glad you are here to share the journey with me!

Here’s to a happy & creative life! – Tara Reed

Riley Blake Designs team - Houston Quilt Market 2019


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