We can all make a difference…

Feeling helpless as COVID-19 seems to be ravaging the globe? Help sew face masks

Free Fabric Face Mask Pattern

It’s Friday night, April 3rd.  I only know it’s Friday because I double checked the calendar on my phone – the days are running together and life feels like a blur of work, news, restless sleep and sewing face masks.

On Saturday March 21, 2020 I created written directions to make fabric face masks that follow the video directions most people were using as a model (thank you Deaconess). I find it easier to cut and sew with something printed by my side and thought others might as well.

In just 13 days over 1,050 people have accessed the free pdf directions to sew fabric face masks. WOW!

Almost half of those have come after I was featured in an article in USA Today by Steve Strauss talking about how businesses need to pivot during these challenging times.

I know many of us feel like we are stuck in our homes and that staying home is the only way we can make a difference… (stay home, flatten the curve 👈🏻YES! PLEASE DO!)

But we can help in so many other ways! My good friend Kim Beasley saw the call for masks on 3/18 and called me, knowing that I sew, and said, “Can you help?” She then offered to help pay for elastic, as I have tons of fabric but not elastic.

Amazon was already low on elastic so we bought a BIG spool – thank goodness.

fabric for face masks by Tara Reed

I sew, they help offset expenses, we all help in our own way.

In just 12 days, I’ve personally sewn 130+ masks. They have gone to friends and family across the country. To a retirement home in Arizona. A labor & delivery nurse in Delaware. To Home Health workers locally.

I’ve sent elastic to sewists who can’t find any in Texas, Florida, California, Illinois & Puerto Rico.

I’ve put fabric and elastic at my front door for a few people who took me up on the offer I made on Facebook.

I’m just one person… working from home, wanting to help.

Not everyone has sewing machines but if you read my blog you probably do. 

We aren’t all nurses or first responders and the like… but I believe we can all do something that can make a huge difference during this crazy and scary time.

Think about what you can do. Who and how you can help. It has made it all more manageable for me emotionally and is helping people all across the country.

Stay home. Stay healthy. Call your loved ones. No way to help is too little.

Tara Reed

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