FREE PATTERN – Lodge Themed Microwave Bowl Cozy

Send Me to the Woods Fabric - FREE Bowl Cozy Pattern

A mountain retreat, warm fire and SOUP in your homemade bowl cozy!

When I think of heading to the mountains my brain conjures up images of cool or cold weather, a cabin with a fire and SOUP! I know the mountains are great in the summer too – but my first thought is colder weather and getting cozy – what better way to do it than with a bowl cozy!

One of my most popular FREE PATTERNS is the bowl cozy pattern I shared when my Homestead Life fabric came out.

They are simple to make and great for home and gift giving. Made from two 10″ fabric squares and 100% cotton batting, they don’t require a lot of materials and sew up quickly.

My husband and I use them almost every day. Tired of fumbling to grab a hot bowl out of the microwave with traditional potholders or a dish towel?

The bowl cozy is a built-in potholder that can from microwave to table (or to protect your lap if you ever eat in front of the tv – don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! 😉)

With handy corners it’s easy to pick up and it won’t inadvertently end up in your food.


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🧵 Tara Reed

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6 responses to “FREE PATTERN – Lodge Themed Microwave Bowl Cozy”

  1. Sonya Childs Avatar
    Sonya Childs

    Best video ever. Thank you for your help and time

    1. So glad you liked it – your comment made my day! 😁 Happy sewing!

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial. Can’t wait to get started.

    1. You are so welcome – have fun!

  3. How come I have extra material in the center when I’m done

    1. I’m not sure why that is happening. Make sure you smooth out the fabric and iron it in sections before topstitching – that might be a cause. I have another bowl cozy video where I do that a little differently – go to 8 mins 37 secs to see how I iron these now: Hope that helps!

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