How to Sew a Fortune Cookie for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and more

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8 fabric fortune cookies in a variety of sizes


🥠 Fortune Cookies – not just for Chinese Take-Out. In this blog post I’m going to teach you how to sew a fortune cookie and the many ways and occasions you can use them. Fabric fortune cookies not only make for a fun DIY project but also serve as personalized gifts, party favors, or even quirky decorations.

Grab your fabric scraps, sewing supplies, something round to use as as template and let’s get at it. First I’ll show you HOW to make them and then give you some ideas about when to use them and finish off with some themed fortunes  to get you started.

🧵 The fabrics used in this tutorial is my “Red February Flower Toss” – part of my Monthly Placemat Panel series, and 5″ precuts from the Holiday Cheer collection from My Mind’s Eye – both from Riley Blake Designs.

fabric supplies to make fortune cookies from fabric
bowls with edible and fabric fortune cookies


The smaller ones are made from 5″ squares – perfect for those orphan precuts or scraps you have lying around. I make bigger ones from 6½” square when I want cash to be the fortune so I’ll show you that too.

The fastest way to go is to make a fortune cookie from one piece of fabric, one piece of felt and have a pinking sheared edge. No turning of circles needed – but the edges are smooth like a real fortune cookie so some people aren’t in love with that option.

The other options have to do with the materials. You can again use felt, fabric and felt or 2 pieces of fabric. If you choose 2 pieces of fabric, you need something to give it some stability so I show you how to use fusible interfacing or fusible fleece – most sewists have one of those in their stash. If not, get creative with the materials you do have that are just waiting to be put to use.


00:00 Introduction
00:55 Supplies
01:12 Sizes of fabric needed
01:24 Ways to draw circles
01:50 How to stabilize the fabric
02:26 Misc sewing supplies
03:04 The easiest way
03:47 Felt and fabric method 2
04:21 Fabric scraps and interfacing
04:58 Fabric scraps and fusible fleece
05:16 Sewing tips

05:41 Making a fortune cookie for money
06:21 Trim circles
07:44 Turn fabric right side out
09:36 Topstitching tips
09:46 How to pull up your bobbin thread
10:22 Fold and stitch
14:20 Turn right side out
14:49 Add money or fortunes
16:10 Review of fabric fortune cookie sizes

🐲 Chinese New Year Celebrations

Fortune cookies and Chinese New Year festivities go hand in hand. Craft fabric fortune cookies in traditional red and gold colors and fill them with well-wishing messages or predictions for the coming year. Click here to see 12 fortune ideas for the Year of the Dragon. 

💌 Valentine’s Day

Give something unique for Valentine’s Day – a special fabric fortune cookie filled with messages or love notes. Click her to see funny fortunes and 12 fortunes for teachers to use for students for Valentine’s Day

🍽️ Thoughtful Table Settings

Use fabric fortune cookies as charming additions to tea parties or luncheons. Use them as place cards and / or include positive affirmations, quotes, or words of encouragement inside each cookie for a delightful and uplifting experience.

a table setting with a fabric fortune cookie as the name card

🦃 Thanksgiving Dinner

Gratitude Tokens – sew fabric fortune cookies with messages of gratitude and thanks. Place them at each dinner setting or use them as a unique way to express appreciation during Thanksgiving celebrations. You could also use them as place cards or an activity where each person writes a message of gratitude, places it in the fortune cookie and then each guest leaves with a random fabric cookie and message at the end of the night.

🎓 Graduation Party

Fortune cookies can be a fun way to celebrate and give advice to the graduate. Make a bowl of fabric fortune cookies with blank papers and pens for guests to write well wishes for the future. They then put it in a fortune cookie to be read later. Here are 12 fortunes for a Graduation Party to get you started.

Other ways to use fortune cookies:

  • Romantic Tokens
  • Resolutions and Predictions
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Personalized party favors
  • Spread Positivity
  • Milestone Memories
  • Gratitude Tokens
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Gender Reveal Surprises
  • Baby Shower
  • Team Building or Training Sessions
  • and more

How and when would you incorporate fortune cookies into your celebrations or everyday life? Let me know in the comments

🐲 🥠 12 Chinese New Year Fortune Cookie Sayings

  1. Gung Hay Fat Choy!
  2. Happy Chinese New Year 2024!
  3. Good things are coming to you in 2024
  4. The Year of the Dragon brings prosperity and good fortune.
  5. The Year of the Dragon will be good to you.
  6. Success is in your future.
  7. Good news is coming your way.
  8. All you need is love & fortune cookies
  9. Kindness brings riches.
  10. May inner peace be your constant companion, grounding you in times of chaos.
  11. The currents of success flow in your favor.
  12. With resilience as your guide, you’ll overcome obstacles and emerge stronger and wiser.

🤣 🥠 12 Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

  1. Wear your invisible giggle goggles—they’ll reveal the humor in everyday situations.
  2. Prepare for a day of uncontrollable laughter!
  3. A bubblegum bubble will reveal the answer to your deepest question today. Chew wisely and await the burst of knowledge!
  4. There is chocolate in your future.
  5. All you need is love & fortune cookies.
  6. The fortune you seek is in another cookie.
  7. Error 404: fortune not found.
  8. I see money in your future but I’m not sure it’s yours…
  9. These numbers mean nothing: 31, 62, 93, 106
  10. Your mother was right and will love nothing more than for you to admit it!
  11. If you buy a dolphin your life will have real porpoise
  12. Your pet is plotting something – you’ve been warned

💌  🥠 12 Fortune Cookie Sayings  for Teachers to use for Students for Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day from your favorite teacher
  2. Your artistic flair makes hearts skip a beat – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  3. Open hearts on Valentine’s Day & watch the classroom bloom with love.
  4. Your wisdom is like a treasure map – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  5. Your positive spirit is the compass that guides the entire class this Valentine’s Day
  6. Your smile is a bright beacon in the classroom this Valentine’s Day
  7. Your acts of kindness make the classroom great – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  8. Unleash your imagination, and let your artistic spirit soar to new heights this Valentine’s Day
  9. Let your dreams take flight this Valentine’s Day
  10. You help fill the classroom with joy this Valentine’s Day
  11. Thank you for being such an amazing student – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  12. Don’t tell the other teachers but I have the best students – Happy Valentine’s Day!

🎓 🥠 Graduation Party Fortune Cookie Sayings

  1. Your diploma holds the key to a world of endless possibilities.
  2. Graduation is just the beginning of your extraordinary journey!
  3. You are destined for greatness beyond the graduation walls.
  4. Your creativity is the mortar that holds the bricks of your success together.
  5. May your journey be adorned with accomplishments as you navigate the path ahead.
  6. Trust your intuition – you’re right on!You’re future’s so bright you’ve gotta wear shades
  7. Your hard work and determination is your ticket to success.
  8. You will have financial success in your future.
  9. Listen to your family these next few days to get the answers you seek.
  10. You have made someone very proud today. (Go give your mom a hug and a tissue!)
  11. The world is your oyster – take chances and see where you land.


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Leave a comment and let me know how and when you will use your fortune cookies – you know you want to get your scrap pile down and this is a quick and easy way to help! If you make this or other projects and post on Instagram, be sure to tag me (@artisttarareed). Follow my YouTube channel for new sewing projects and tips every week.

🧵 🥠 Tara Reed

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