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5 different sized heart quilt blocks

Heart Quilt Block Tutorial – video and free printable PDF

💌❤️ If you will be Sewing for Valentine’s Day then this free heart quilt block tutorial is for you! This is a great quilt block for beginners to see how they like quilting and a great block to use as a basis of any kind of heart project.

I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a beautiful and festive heart quilt block that’s perfect for adding a touch of romance to your home decor or crafting heartfelt gifts for your loved ones. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting out, our free tutorial is designed to make the process enjoyable and accessible to all skill levels.


Spread the love and get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a handmade touch!

Whether you’re creating a quilt, mug rug, gift bag, pillow and more for your significant other, family member, or friend, this tutorial is bound to fill your crafting sessions with joy and creativity. 🧵 FABRIC USED is my “Red February Flower Toss” from Riley Blake Designs – part of the Monthly Placemat Panel series.

cut pieces of fabric


HOW TO MAKE A heart quilt block

Please read all instructions before beginning. Seam allowances are ¼”.

RST = Right Sides Together.

Each heart block has 8 pieces:

  • (2) Heart Fabrics (A)
  • (2) large background squares (B)
  • (4) small background squares (C)

Cut fabrics based on the chart below.

fabric pieces needed to make a heart quilt block
sizes of fabric needed to make 5 sizes of heart quilt blocks
  • Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all 6 background fabrics B & C. (fig. 1)
  • Place the (2) large squares (B) on the bottom of the heart fabrics (A), RST and with the marked lines as shown. (fig. 2)
  • Sew on the lines. (fig. 3)
draw diagonal lines

figure 1

place bottom corners with diagonal lines as shown

figure 2

stitch on lines

figure 3

  • Trim corners leaving ¼” beyond the stitching. (fig. 4)
  • Press seams open. (fig. 5)
trim bottom corners 1/4" from stitch line

figure 4

flip and press bottoms corners

figure 5

  • Place the (4) small squares (C) on the top of the heart fabrics (A), RST and with the marked lines as shown. (fig. 6)
  • Sew on the lines. (fig. 7)
  • Trim corners leaving ¼” beyond the stitching. (fig. 8)
place top corners with diagonal lines as shown

figure 6

stitch on lines

figure 7

trim top corners 1/4" from stitch line

figure 8

  • Press seams open. (fig. 9)
  • Sew the two halves of the heart block, RST. (fig. 10)
  • Press seams open and you’re done! (fig. 11)
    flip and press top corners

    figure 9

    finished Heart Quilt Block

    figure 10

    fabric heart quilt block

    figure 11


    Now that you know how to make a heart block, here are a few projects to use them in!


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    🧵 Tara Reed

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