Some people think going to large chains like The Dollar Tree is bad for small business in the US… well here's another perspective.

Before the holidays you see a lot of very black and white posts on social media – “Boycott big box stores – shop local”.  So where does that leave a little local girl who makes her living with things sold in the big box stores?  In a pickle if everyone were to listen to these pleas!

I'm a small business (just me – that's as small as it gets!) and I have 3 gift bag designs in The Dollar Tree now. Many of my US artist friends are on these bags a lot too. Nothing is black and white…

So today I say, support small businesses / US artist and go buy some gift bags at the Dollar Tree! (The shark, cupcake and dog are all mine.)

Thank you in advance! 🙂

– Tara Reed

Gift Bags at the Dollar Tree - Tara Reed Designs

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