Gift Bags at the Dollar Tree!

Some people think going to large chains like The Dollar Tree is bad for small business in the US… well here's another perspective.

Before the holidays you see a lot of very black and white posts on social media – “Boycott big box stores – shop local”.  So where does that leave a little local girl who makes her living with things sold in the big box stores?  In a pickle if everyone were to listen to these pleas!

I'm a small business (just me – that's as small as it gets!) and I have 3 gift bag designs in The Dollar Tree now. Many of my US artist friends are on these bags a lot too. Nothing is black and white…

So today I say, support small businesses / US artist and go buy some gift bags at the Dollar Tree! (The shark, cupcake and dog are all mine.)

Thank you in advance! 🙂

– Tara Reed

Gift Bags at the Dollar Tree - Tara Reed Designs

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