Festival of Lights Hanukkah Fabric – Sneak Peek!

Festival of Lights Hanukkah Fabric by Tara Reed for Riley Blake

I married into a Jewish family in my 40s. Growing up I had played the Dreidel game and heard the story of Hanukkah at school but it wasn’t until I experienced Hanukkah first hand that I had a full appreciation for the holiday.

I love the focus on spending time with family and the tradition of lighting the candles on the Menorah – symbolizing the oil that should have lasted only a day, lasting for 8 nights. The simple colors and intricate patterns speak to me as an artist.

I am excited to share the “Festival of Lights” fabric collection and hope that the patterns and imagery capture the spirit of Hanukkah for you and your family as well.


Click here to see more projects using the Festival of Life Fabric >

🕎 Tara Reed


  1. Natalie Avatar

    The new line is beautiful. I just married into a Jewish family this past summer and am looking forward to making some Hanukkah items to decorate with.

    1. Tara Reed Avatar
      Tara Reed

      Thank you! I’m excited to be able to use my fabric for our family celebrations as well! I’m a “Christmas girl” and my husband is Jewish – a few times they overlap and then I’ve done the tree in blue, white and silver – has been beautiful and a fun combination of color and themes.

  2. GREAT job Tara! Such a natural in front of the camera. Can’t wait for your patterns on the hot cozies and drawstring bags.

    1. Tara Reed Avatar
      Tara Reed

      Gerri – thank you for the compliment and you are in luck on the hot cozies! The pattern is available now, I shared it when my Homestead Life fabric launched, you can find it here > https://tarareed.com/bowl-cozy-pattern/ You will need to wait a little bit for the bags. 🙂

  3. Liz Frisby Avatar
    Liz Frisby

    Hi Tara. Your fabric is lovely. I tried to create a pinterest board for Hanukkah to share with my daughter who converted but it wouldn’t save. All the little “Pinterest” icons on the photos are black instead of red. I even tried to click on your Pinterest link on the left of the page. Have you had this problem before or do you think it’s on my end? I’ve been saving things all morning 🙂 without any problem. By the way, I LOVE all the projects you’ve created with your fabric and can’t wait to see this in my local quilt shop. <3

    1. Tara Reed Avatar
      Tara Reed

      Liz – It shouldn’t be happening – I emailed you to get more details so I can troubleshoot.

  4. Sidra Shapiro Boshes Avatar
    Sidra Shapiro Boshes

    I’m hoping I will be able to find this fabric. I really want to make the quilt!

  5. Judi Reiss Avatar
    Judi Reiss

    When is this fabric going to be in quilt shops? And is there any listing of which shops will be carrying it?

    1. Tara Reed Avatar
      Tara Reed

      Judi – it is in stores now! I created a list of places with the info I know – it is in now way everything but it’s a start! https://tarareed.com/fabric/festival-of-lights-fabric/#fabric-finder
      Would love to see what you create! Tara

  6. Where can I purchase/download the festival of lights menorah throw quilt Pattern?

    1. Tara Reed Avatar
      Tara Reed

      You can find and purchase it in my “Sew with Tara Reed” Etsy shop here > https://etsy.me/2ZPwGlR

      1. Tara Reed Avatar

        You could try it with one layer of batting but I don’t think the bowl will hold it’s shape as well, it won’t be as sturdy or as heat resistant. It’s bulkier to sew with two layers but I think it’s worth it.

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