Let Freedom Soar Fabric

Patriotic art and fabric can hold so many meanings depending on who is looking at it or in this case, sewing or quilting with it. It might be a way to honor the military with a Quilt of Valor or perhaps used to decorate a home for the 4th of July. Perhaps it is a way to show ones patriotism or to celebrate a newly naturalized citizen.

Personally, I always think back to when my son was little and our neighborhood had 4th of July bike parades. Kyle and I would spend hours talking about his vision for his bike; he wanted flags and streamers to deck him out from head to toe and handle bars to kickstand!  The day was about celebrating not only the country but our friends and family, it was a great way to come together as a community and connect.

Whatever your personal attachment to the Star Spangled Banner I hope this fabric collection brings a smile to your face like it did as I was painting the imagery and preparing the prints and panels for you!

PROJECTS, PATTERNS and INSPIRATION using Let Freedom Soar Fabrics!