PROJECTS, PATTERNS and INSPIRATION using Golf Days Fabrics coming soon…

I’ll confess: golf isn’t my game.

But as an artist I appreciate the history, prints, textures and traditions of the game.  So when Riley Blake Designs asked me if I wanted to work on a golf fabric collection I decided to take a swing at it. (See what I did there? 😂)

My brother-in-law Mike is an avid golfer and I can’t help but admire the wide array of  plaid pants, eccentric shorts and more that he happily wears on the course. The clubs, greens and gorgeous grounds are also visual fodder for my artist’s eye.

I hope you enjoy the collection I’ve put together – with input from golfers at Riley Blake and beyond to make sure we got it right. I may not hit the balls but I thoroughly enjoyed painting them!

Mike Cavanaugh on golf course