Fall Barn Quilts Fabric

PROJECTS, PATTERNS and INSPIRATION using Fall Barn Quilts Fabrics!

Fall Barn Quilts Fabric

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season! I love the crisp air, the sun through colored leaves and the fall clothing colors.  I can’t wait to create with this fabric and see what you make too!

I didn’t grow up on a farm or even in the country but I have an early affinity for barns. My dad was a college professor and an avid reader. I have many memories of trips to Baldwin’s Book Barn – a used bookstore housed in the most amazing dairy barn near our home in West Chester, PA.

Built in 1822 this 5 story barn had so many nooks and crannies, odd staircases and interesting doors to explore!

My love of barns began with books – an unusual combination I know, but one that has me fascinated with the sizes, shapes and stories of barns to this day.

Barn Quilts - Baldwins Book Barn