Bee’s Life Fabric

I will never forget the first time my son was stung by a bee: he was 6. His grandmother would run screaming at the sight or sound of a bee. I tried to teach my son to be still instead of running and flailing his arms because bees don’t look for to sting people, they do it out of self-defense. I might have told him it wouldn’t hurt much either…

Unfortunately his grandmother was visiting the day of his first sting and made a HUGE fuss about how horrible it was. My son looked at me with such betrayal in his tear-filled eyes and said, “You said it wouldn’t hurt! IT DOES!!!” (I have a little mom-guilt yet smile thinking of it at the same time!)

Now 26, my son has a very different appreciation for bees. Bees hold the key to life: for our flowers, our food and therefore our us. It may hurt when they sting you but it will hurt much more if they are not around.

The Bee’s Life collection is inspired by the beauty and necessity of bees and all they offer to the planet.

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