Fabric Collections by Tara Reed for Riley Blake Designs

— IN stores now —



You might still be able to find some of these fabrics in stores and online but they are no longer shipping new bolts of fabric. 

BUT you can still see the projects I shared and use your own fabrics – so click a link and get inspired!

Tara Reed at Sewing Machine

I love designing fabric!  Creating repeat prints is something I really enjoy and something I turn to when I need to escape. It takes such focus to get the color balance, the scale, the concepts just right! (Some of my friends who dread doing repeat prints think I’m crazy but to me it’s almost meditative.)

I create and share projects for every fabric collection so whether they are currently available or not there many be a project you are interested in! 

You can also check out the FREE PROJECTS page to see all the different tutorials I’ve shared in one place. Hopefully there is something fun for you to try!

🥰 Tara Reed