How to make a Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Toilet Paper Pumpkin decor for fall

Making fabric pumpkins for your fall decor, Thanksgiving table and more is so easy you don’t even have to sew!  Using a roll of toilet paper for the pumpkin form you can whip these up in minutes.

I used my Fall Barn Quilts fabric in this tutorial. The tonal maple leaf quilt blocks come in 5 colors and are perfect to create a grouping of pumpkins.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin supplies
  • Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Fat Quarter of fabric (18” x 22”)
  • Stick or Cinnamon stick for the pumpkin stem
  • 10” of ribbon or twine
  • Scissors 

Place your fabric face down on your work surface and put the roll of toilet paper in the center. (figure 1)

Unravel some of the toilet paper and make it bunch around the roll to help add shape for the pumpkin. (figure 2)

toilet paper pumpkins directions
figure 1
toilet paper pumpkins directions
figure 2

Fold the fabric up and tuck it into the center of the toilet paper roll. (figure 3)

Continue until all of the raw edges are tucked in. (figure 4)

Adjust the fabric as you go so it creates a rounded pumpkin shape. 

toilet paper tube pumpkins
figure 3
fabric pumpkin tutorial
figure 4

Tie your ribbon or twine around your stick or cinnamon stick. I used a 10” piece of ribbon and cut it to the size I wanted it to be once it was on the pumpkin. 

Put the stick in the center where you tucked all the fabric into the toilet paper roll. (figure 5)

That’s it – you’re done! (figure 6)

toilet paper pumpkin tutorial
figure 5
toilet paper pumpkin
figure 6


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🍁 Tara Reed

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