How to Sew a Fabric Basket

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Sew Your Own Fabric Basket with Snaps

I love these baskets because you can make them in any size you need AND flatten them for easy storage.

  • Two squares of Cotton Fabric
  • Medium Weight Fusible Fleece (I used Pellon® 987F )
  • 4 sets of snaps (I use Kam Snaps in this tutorial)
How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
Fabric Basket Cutting Chart

CUT the fabric and batting based on the chart above.
FUSE the batting onto the wrong side of one of your fabric squares, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Materials list > 44 seconds
  • Sew pieces together > 2:48
  • Turn & Press > 3:27
  • Topstitch and side stitch lines > 5:18
  • Add Kam Snaps > 8:00

  • Place your fabrics right sides together.
  • CLIP or PIN together.
  • SEW around the outside using a ¼” seam allowance and leave 3-4” open for turning. (figure 1)
  • TRIM corners to reduce bulk.
  • TURN right side out and iron flat, folding in the raw edges.
  • TOPSTITCH around the entire square ⅛” from the edge.
How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
figure 1

For a more professional look, match your bobbin thread to the main color of the bottom fabric and your main thread to the top fabric.

SEW the length of the square on all 4 sides (figure 2) Sew the same distance from each edge as the height of sides of the basket noted in the second column of the cutting chart.

For example, if you cut 15” squares of fabric, the sides of your basket will be 2½” high so sew 2½” from the side of the basket square, on all 4 sides. (see figure 4 – dashed lines are stitch lines)

How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
figure 2

  • Using the stitch lines, mark where your snaps will go.
  • PLACE a snap piece on the fabric that will be on the inside of your basket, so it is just inside the edge. (KAM Snaps are shown here) 
  • Use a hem gauge or ruler and determine how far from the edge you need to poke the hole to install the snap OR where you will sew the snap on, depending on the kind of snaps you choose. (figure 3)
  • MARK the same distance to the side of the stitching in all 8 corners. (figure 4)
How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
figure 3
How to Make a Fabric Basket
figure 4
  • INSTALL the snaps per manufacturer’s instructions. (figure 5)
  • Once you’ve installed all 4 snap sets you simply snap each corner and your basket is ready! (figure 6)
How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
figure 5
How to Make a Fabric Basket with Snaps
figure 6


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  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful instructuonal video and printable instructions.

    1. you are very welcome – enjoy!

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    Linda D Kelley

    Thank you for sharing your pattern!

    1. You are very welcome – have fun!

  3. I’m a beginner, but you made this project look very doable! Can you pop them in the washing machine?

    1. You sure can! Enjoy!

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