how to sew a drawstring bag

🍇✨ DIY Wine Bag Tutorial: Sew a Stylish Wine Gift Bag with Drawstring Closure! ✂️🍷

Wine bags are great for gifting and I’m going to share the easy way to Sew a Wine Bag with Drawstrings! Whether you are going to a friend’s for dinner, a holiday party or planning a weekend away the added touch of a fabric wine bag that matches the occasion is always appreciated. I previously posted about how to make reversible wine bags where you add a separate bow or tie but in this post I’ll show you how to take it up a notch with a built in drawstring. (It’s easier than you think!)

This is the perfect pattern for beginners – no bias tape, no round bottoms. You can also get an ad-free, printer friendly PDF of these instructions in my Etsy shop.


🪺 In this tutorial I’m using my Happy at Home fabric from Riley Blake Designs.

I’ve made more than a few wine bags so I’ll share all my tips to get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I always keep a few on hand as these are great to have on hand for last minute dinner invitations, thank you bottles of wine and more.

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🎯 video shortcuts

00:00 introduction
00:26 Supplies
01:27 Cut fabrics
01:48 Tips for using directional fabric
02:12 Cut box corner notches
04:52 Sew front & lining fabrics
05:31 Make the boxed bottoms

06:46 Assemble wine bag
07:45 Turn right side out & close opening
08:58 Sew drawstring channel
11:40 How to pull up your bobbin thread
13:00 Open drawstring channel
13:50 Add drawstring

Drawstring Wine Bag – written directions

sewing supplies to make a drawstring wine bag



For each bag to hold a standard size wine bottle:
(more details about fabric to follow)

  • Outer Fabric 1
    (2) 6½” x 16″
  • Lining Fabric 2
    (2) 6½” x 16″
  • Drawstring (cord, ribbon, twine, etc)
    (2) 19″

Do you want an ad-free, printable copy of this online tutorial? Find it in my Etsy shop for just a few dollars. You won’t need to access the internet every time you want to make it.

If you are using directional fabrics, be sure the print follows the grainline and that you align the print with the top as noted before cutting notches in the next step.


Cut (2) Outside fabrics to 6½” x 16”.

Cut (2) Lining fabrics to 6½” x 16”.

Cut 1½” squares out of both bottom corners of all 4 fabrics. (figure 1)

Cut (2) 19” pieces of your preferred drawstring material. Set aside.

diagram to squares out of both bottom corners

figure 1


Red arrows in figure 2 denote where to sew.


Place outside fabrics RST. Pin or Clip.

Sew down both long sides and across the


Leave the top and the notched areas unsewn.

how to layout directional fabric to make a wine bag

figure 2


  • Place lining fabrics RST. Pin or Clip.
  • OPTIONAL: If you have a tag you want to add to your bag, put it in between the lining fabrics on one side, lining up the unfinished edge with the raw edges of the fabric.
  • Sew down one long sides and across the bottom.
  • On one long side, sew but leave 3” open, about 1-2” above the notched area, open for turning.
  • Leave the top and the notched areas unsewn. Press seams open. (figure 3)


  • The notches you cut out of the fabric pieces will form the box bottoms.
  • Take a notched corner (figure 4) and match the seams (A & B) then pull out points (C) to form a straight line. (Figure 5)
  • Pin or Clip.
  • Repeat for all 4 notched corners.
  • Sew with ¼” seam.
  • Turn the outer fabric right side out and leave the lining fabric inside out. (figure 6)
preparing outside and lining fabric with boxed bottoms

figure 3

match seams of notched corners for wine bag boxed bottoms

figure 4

line up seams and create boxed bottom

figure 5

sewn boxed bottoms for a DIY wine bag

figure 6


  • Place the outer bag inside the lining bag, RST, matching seams. (figure 7)
  • Line up top raw edges and pin or clip. (figure 8)
  • Sew with ¼” seam allowance. (figure 9)
put outer fabric inside lining, right sides together

figure 7

Line up top raw edges and pin or clip

figure 8

Sew with ¼” seam allowance.

figure 9

  • Find the opening in the lining (figure 10) and turn the wine bag right side out. (figure 11)
  • Sew the opening closed by hand or machine.
  • Push the lining inside the outer fabric, (figure 12) lining up the seams and box bottoms. Press the top edge.
opening in lining to turn right side out

figure 10

turn wine bag right side out

figure 11

Push the lining inside the outer fabric of the drawstring wine bag

figure 12


  • To form the drawstring channel, sew 2” from the top edge of the wine bag and then¾” from that stitch line. Match your top and bobbin threads to your fabrics if you want the channel stitching to blend in.
  • You can use guides on your machine but I find it easier to draw the lines on my fabric with a heat erasable pen.
  • Draw on whichever side of the bag will be up when you sew around the bag.
  • If your machine has a removable extension table and you can feed the bag around the machine to sew, draw your lines on the outside fabric. My machine doesn’t so I draw on the lining fabric (figure 13) then turn the bag right side out and sew with the outer fabric facing down and the lining fabric facing up.
  • Stitch all the way around on the lines, going back and forth over the seams to reinforce the seam stitching. (figure 14)
draw sewing lines on the lining

figure 13

sew on the lines

figure 14

  • Use a seam ripper to pick out the outside fabric side seam stitches between the two casing seams. (figure 15) Don’t remove the stitches from the inner bag.

  • Put a safety pin on one end of drawstring and feed it through the channel (figure 16) until it comes back out at the same spot. Make sure you keep the other end outside of the channel.

  • Repeat with the other drawstring, starting from the opposite side of the bag. (figure 17)

  • Knot the drawstring a few inches from the bag when the it is fully opened.

use a seam ripper to open the drawstring channel

figure 15

use safety pin to put drawstring through the wine bag channel

figure 16

putting drawstring into wine bag

figure 17


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