How to Sew a Cute Dog Poop Bag Holder

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3 diy dog bag holders


If you walk a dog you inevitably have a bags to pick up their “droppings” so why not make a cute Dog Poop Bag Holder? When working on this tutorial I wanted to use materials everyone with a sewing machine would have on hand or be able to easily find.

You can get the poop bags and the carabiner clips at the Dollar Tree and use your fabric scraps and a piece of hook and loop (otherwise known as Velcro®) for the rest.

I used my July stars fabric and placemat designs from the Monthly Placemat Program I made for Riley Blake Designs for this tutorial. (I wanted the bag holders to match the dog leash in that sewing for beginners tutorial.)

dog bag holder sewing supplies



00:00 introduction
00:21 Dog Poop Bag Holder Supplies
01:38 Make the clip loop
02:25 Sew bag base

02:58 Sew on Hook & Loop
03:46 Add buttonhole
05:55 Add loop
06:39 Sew ends of bag
07:12 Attach to dog leash

BUTTONHOLE NOTE: You will need to know how to make a buttonhole with your machine for this project. If you have a Janome machine with an automatic buttonhole foot, you can watch this YouTube tutorial.

Fold main fabric in half, right sides together, and stitch down both long sides. (fig. 1)
Turn right side out, push out corners and press.
Fold raw edges on open end in, press & sew closed.

Fold in half matching the short ends and finger press so that when you open the fabric up again, you can see where the center is.
Mark a 1″ line in the center of the fold (fig. 2) – this is where you will add a button hole for the bags to be pulled out.

Add buttonhole. (fig. 3)

sewing fabric
figure 1
figure 2
figure 3

Sew one piece of hook and loop tape on either short end of the fabric, centered and as close to the edge as possible. (fig. 4)

Fold the fabric over so the opposite side of the other short end is lined up with the hook and loop tape you just sewed on.

Pin the other half of the hook and loop tape, making sure both halves will line up when the bag is done. (fig. 5)

Before you sew the second piece, lay the fabric flat and confirm that the 2 pieces will be on opposite sides of the fabric. (fig. 6)

Once confirmed, sew second piece of hook and loop.

figure 4
figure 5
figure 6

Wrong sides together, fold the loop fabric in half longwise and press.
Open back up and then fold the two raw edges in to the fold and press. (fig. 7)
Re-fold the original fold to encase the raw edges. Topstitch to finish. (fig. 8)

Fold the carabiner loop in half and place on the main fabric where the button hole is, matching the raw edges of the loop to the edge of the fabric. (fig. 9)

Fold each side with the hook and loop tape towards the center, matching the two pieces and pressing them together. The carabiner loop will be on the inside of the folded fabric.

Clip or pin each end (fig. 10) and stitch with 1/4″ seam, sewing back and forth where the fabric overlaps and where the carabiner loop fabric is to make it extra secure.

figure 7
figure 8
figure 9
figure 10
figure 11

Pull the hook and loop tape apart and turn right side out, pushing out the corners.

Put a roll of dog poop bags inside the holder, feeding the first bag through the buttonhole, and close the hook and loop tape.

Attach the holder to your dog leash with a carabiner. (fig. 11)

Now find the dog and head out for a walk! 🦮


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