How to Sew a Dog Leash with Fabric Scraps

scrap fabric dog leashes by Tara Reed

fabric and cutting supplies to make DIY dog leash



Watch the video & see how easy these dog leashes are to make


00:00 Introduction
00:07 Supplies
01:19 Using directional fabric
03:16 Decide dog leash length
04:06 Sew fabric scraps
05:09 Press seams open
05:29 How to use a quilter’s clapper
06:44 Add fusible fleece

07:54 How to use multiple pieces of fusible fleece
09:15 Press to enclose raw edges
10:50 Sew the leash
11:00 Add swivel hook
11:36 Make the dog leash handle
12:28 Add a D-ring
13:11 Make dog leash from one fabric
13:26 3 ways to make fabric dog leashes

Dog leashes come in a variety of sizes.

  • Standard: 6 feet
  • Hiking, Training or for larger dogs: 10 feet
  • Hiking, backyard, beach, outdoor play: 15 feet

The best way to decide what size to make is to measure the leash you love! (Or find out what length the person you are making a leash for likes)

Calculate the length of fabric you need:
Desired Leash Length + 10 inches

how to line up directional fabric for a dog leash
figure 1

fold in half lengthwise and press
figure 2
add fusible fleece
figure 3
fold and press over the fusible fleece
figure 4
fold raw edge into center and press
figure 5
fold in half again and press
figure 6
use tailor's clapper to set fold and remove heat
figure 7

🐶 Tara Reed

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