Dog Bandana Pattern: How to Sew the Perfect Sized Bandana for your Dog

Dog Bandana Pattern – How to Make the Perfect Size for your Dog

I think there are as many opinions about what size dog bandanas should be as there are dogs… which is A LOT. As I went to work on this project I got confused and then determined.

But how do you figure out the size to make for a specific dog?

dog in Fall Barn Quilts leaf print Bandana

It’s one thing to buy a bandana at a store or online that might give you 3 to 5 size options, but if you are going to make if yourself, it might as well fit just right, right?

I felt like Goldilocks and the 3 bears trying to find the perfect bed… but then I found the perfect formula and I’m going to share it with you.

It involves some math but you sew, so you aren’t afraid of math!

This dog bandana pattern tutorial uses my new Fall Barn Quilts Fabric from Riley Blake Designs – perfect for keeping your dogs fashionable this fall.

There are written instructions with photos below the video as well as a FREE PDF of the instructions you can download and save.


  • 47 secs – measuring your dog’s neck
  • 1:05 – size you want to use snaps on the bandana
  • 1:53 – size if you want to tie on the bandana
  • 2:21 – How to sew the bandanas – Supply List
  • 3:30 – cutting the triangle of fabric


Use a tape measure to determine the size of your dog’s neck. You want it looser than a snug collar – I shoot for about an inch of extra space.

Be sure to write down your dog’s neck size so you can follow along.

If you want to tie the bandana: Neck Size + 14 inches = Finished Width
If you want to snap the bandana: Neck Size + 2 inches = Finished Width
Round to the nearest 1/4 inch

Dog Bandana Pattern - measure the dog's neck
Dog bandana - snap or tie

Do you want a bandana that is a little long and can bunch up a bit at the top?
Finished Width x 0.45 = Finished Height

Do you want a bandana that will lay flat?
Finished Width x 0.24 = Finished Height
Round to the nearest 1/4 inch


So if you want a finished triangle that is 23 inches wide by 10 1/4 inches high the cut fabric should measure 25 inches by 11 inches. Calculate yours below.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric that are the size you calculated in step 4. Place the rectangles right sides together and fold in half. (figure 1)

Using a rotary cutter, cut diagonally from a bottom corner to a top corner. (figure 2)

how to sew a dog bandana - preparing fabric
figure 1
figure 2

Open the triangle and clip or pin all three sides. (figure 3)

Sew around the triangle with 1/4 inch seam, leaving open space to turn right side out. (figure 4)

Trim points. (figure 5)

figure 3
figure 4
dog bandana - trim points
figure 5

Turn right side out. (figure 6)

Press. (figure 7)

Topstitch around the triangle 1/8 inch from outside edge. (figure 8)

dog bandana - turn right side out
figure 6
dog bandana - press
figure 7
sewing with Fall Barn Quilts by Tara Reed
figure 8

If you decided on a bandana with snaps, apply snaps to the two points. Double check placement by putting the bandana around your dog before securing the snaps.


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🐶 Tara Reed

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