The 10 minute DIY Travel Tissue Cover – Things to make with Fabric Scraps

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3 fabric travel tissue holders in a row

If you have a pile of fabric scraps looking for a project this is the sewing tutorial for you.

In this blog post and video tutorial you will learn how to make a quick and cute DIY travel tissue cover with fabric scraps. These are great gifts, stocking stuffers or things to sew and sell. Keep some on hand for a personal “thank you” for someone who goes above and beyond. Tissue covers make a great teacher appreciation gift too. Who says tissues have to be boring? Not me!

hand putting tissues in a purse

Travel Tissue Covers are great for:

  • Teacher Appreciation Gift
  • Co-Worker Gift
  • A more personal, handmade “thank you” gift
  • Stocking Stuffer
  • Travel gift basket
  • Things to sew and sell
  • Wedding, Graduation or other places there will be “happy tears”
  • Pop one in your purse, diaper bag or sports bag
  • Keep one in the car


00:00 introduction
00:48 Supplies
01:25 Sew fabrics together
02:34 Fold to form tissue cover

03:11 Zig zag stitch to prevent fraying
03:31 How to use a leader fabric
04:47 How to sew box corners
05:48 How to put tissues into the cover

Why settle for the plastic bag when you can whip up a cute travel tissue covering that reflects your personality?

(You shouldn’t settle!) Ready to get started?

This tutorial features some of the prints from my Spring Barn Quilts fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs.

fabric pieces and travel tissue cases


  • (1) 5½” x 6½” fabric for the outside
  • (1) 5½” x 7½” fabric for the lining and decorative trim
  • Travel tissues*


A note about travel tissues – shop around. If you will be making a few covers you might find a better deal on multi-packs of travel tissues on Amazon or at a store like Target or Walmart vs. buying them at a Dollar Tree. We used travel tissues for “Happy Tears” bags for my son’s wedding (see what they are in this post) – we would have spent twice as much on tissues at the Dollar Tree than buying them in bulk on Amazon.

  • Place the fabrics right sides together, lining up one short side and sew with ¼” seam.
  • Line up the other side and sew. Because the fabrics aren’t the same size they won’t be flat when you sew the second short side.
  • Turn right side out with the smaller, outside fabric facing up.
  • Adjust the fabric so the amount of lining fabric – which creates the trim – is even on both sides, then press.
two pieces of fabric sewn together - making a travel tissue cover
aligning fabric to make a travel tissue cover
  • Fold the pressed sides (the trim) into the center, finger press and pin in place.
  • Sew both short ends (with raw edges) with ¼” seam.
  • (optional) Zig zag stitch the raw edges to prevent fraying.
woman holding travel tissue cover pointing to zig zag stitched edge

If you are making a lot of travel tissue covers, the fastest way to make them is to turn them right side out now and insert the tissues. The corners will be a little pointed and less finished looking than if you add box corners (Finish Option 2) but they will still look great!

travel tissue cover with slightly pointed corners

To make the travel tissue cover more fitted and finished, you can take a few more minutes and add box corners.

  • Open one end and place the seam in the center, forming a triangle in the corner.
  • Draw a line ⅜” from the point and sew on the line.
  • Make sure you fold the seam allowance in the same direction on each side so there is no bulge on the finished cover from the seam flipping.
  • Repeat for the other 3 corners.
  • Turn right side out.
travel tissue cover with box corners
drawing line on corner of travel tissue holder to make box corner
two sewn box corners on DIY travel tissue cover

Putting tissues in the tissue cover seems like a no-brainer but I have a few tips for you.

  • If you are using them for yourself, I recommend taking the tissues out of the plastic bag they came in and put them directly into your cover. That way you won’t have any packaging peeking through and messing with the beautiful vibe of your cover.
    • If you take them out of the package, make sure you have the pile so the tissue that will pop up is at the top. (Yes! There is a top and bottom to a pile of travel tissues!) The bottom tissue will be folded on both sides, the top tissue will be folded on one side and cut on the other.
  • If you are going to give the travel tissue covers as a gift, leave the tissues in the plastic for sanitary reasons.
photo showing the top tissue in a stack of travel tissues
woman inserting pile of travel tissues into the fabric case with box corners

Whichever way you go, simply insert the tissues in one side of the cover and then pull the cover over the other side. It will be a good fit (not too loose) so you might need to adjust the tissue pile to flatten them.


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