DIY Fabric Tape from Fabric Scraps

How to Easily Transform Fabric Scraps into Fun DIY Fabric Tape in seconds

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Use your Fabric Scraps and make cute fabric tape


Fabric tape is a versatile crafting material that can add a unique touch to various projects. It’s fun to make, a great way to repurpose fabric scraps and there as so many ways to use it!

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to create your own DIY fabric tape using fabric scraps and carpet tape. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just looking for a creative outlet, this project is perfect for adding a personalized touch to your crafts. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to reduce waste and make the most of your leftover fabrics.

A word of warning before you begin: Do NOT use your fabric scissors or a new rotary blade on the carpet tape! Carpet tape is really sticky and will glom up (that’s a technical term 🤣) your blades. Use an old blade and/or non-stick scissors. If you don’t have non-stick scissors yet get them asap – you won’t know how you ever lived without them!


Unless you have very specific applications in mind, making fabric tape is supposed to be fun! This is the time to play, experiment and see what you create. You are basically just putting your pretty fabrics on one side of the carpet tape, cutting it into different sizes and shapes and deciding how and where you want to use them. Easy-peasy!

Transform your Fabric Scraps into Fun Fabric Tape in seconds



00:00 introduction
00:15 Supplies
00:47 Place carpet tape
01:12 Add fabric

01:34 Trim fabric tape
02:15 Trim to any size or shape
03:09 How to use fabric tape


Decorate candles for Hanukkah with DIY fabric tape

Decorate Candles

I made a piece of fabric tape from a scrap of my Hanukkah Nights Dreidel fabric and turned a plain candle into a Hanukkah gift in minutes.

Shout-out to my friend Erica Zabudsky, owner and creator of Z Candles – they are 100% soy, hand poured, made in the USA – you should definitely see what she’s up to if you love a good candle for yourself or gift giving.

Gift Wrapping: Add a personalized touch to your gifts by using fabric tape instead of regular tape to secure wrapping paper or gift bags.

Scrapbooking: Incorporate your fabric tape into scrapbooking projects to add texture and dimension to your pages.

Planners: Make tags, stickers and flags to use in your planner.

Card Making: Create one-of-a-kind greeting cards by using fabric tape to decorate cardstock or envelopes.

Home Decor: Use your fabric tape to embellish picture frames, lampshades, or even furniture for a unique and custom look.

Fashion and Accessories: Jazz up your clothing or accessories by using fabric tape as a decorative accent on clothing, bags, or even shoes.

Jazz up the Mail: Use fabric tape on envelopes or packages to make it just that much more special. Nothing says “this isn’t junk mail!” than something pretty on the outside.

How would you use fabric tape? Drop a comment and let me know!


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